“My fortune is loving you”: the couple that was eliminated from the soap opera

What happened in “My fortune is to love you“? The Televisa soap opera has withdrawn the story of a homosexual couple, which has caused a series of comments on social networks. The fiction starring David Zepeda and Susana González had, in its original script, two lesbian characters, but it was decided to withdraw it, according to what was revealed by Nicandro Díaz, producer of the series who had Carmen Salinas placeholder image in its cast.

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Diaz is a successful man from the TV, who has already worked with previous productions that have had a great reception on the small screen, such as “Distilling love”, “I am your master” and “True loves”, Between 2007 and 2012.

Now, “My fortune is to love you”Has reached the homes of Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world as an adaptation of a Colombian fiction released in 2008.

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Despite the fact that, at 8:30 at night, the telenovela “The Mexican and the güero “ told a homosexual couple, played by Ferdinando Valencia and Sian Chiong, this time it ended up excluding two lesbians.

Carmen Salinas on the set of “My fortune is loving you”, just a few days ago (Photo: Carmen Salinas / Instagram)


Nicandro Diaz, producer of “My fortune is to love you “, was the one who revealed that they withdrew the homosexual couple from Televisa soap opera because they had doubts about the reception that he would have in the public from the 8:30 at night time.

“There was a homosexual couple, well of lesbians, in the story, we took that away from them. (…) At 8:30 we have already seen homosexuality in men, we have not seen in women, I did not know if it was the right time or not “, stated in a interview with Spectacular Formula.

When in doubt, maybe you have to abstain ”, added Diaz Faced with the dilemma that he had for what was going to generate the inclusion of the aforementioned type of romance inside of plot main of David Zepeda and Susana González.


My fortune is to love you” tells the story of Natalia (Susana González) and Chente (David Zepeda), who both suffer different situations that change their lives instantly. Natalia comes from a high social position; However, she loses everything when her husband leaves her for what was her best friend after 20 years of marriage, in addition, he leaves her on the street and without money.

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Vicente, from a different socioeconomic class than Natalia, falls into the hands of a financial fraud that also leaves him in a very difficult economic situation. For Natalia and Chente, they have no choice but to live under the same roof, with which, upon meeting the relationship, they will go through a lot of ups and downs of emotions when they try to resolve their personal situations.


According to producer of “My fortune is loving you”, they have material covered until mid-December. “Right now what you have to do is wait for him to show signs of how he is evolving, I’m in communication with his nephew Gustavo and see what God says”Diaz said when asked questions from the press.

When asked if he is considering a famous person to replace Salinas, in case he cannot continue in fiction, the producer pointed out that for the moment he has not wanted to think of another option.

“Out of respect for her, I have not yet wanted to think of another option, I’m going to stretch the league whatever is in my power so that she can keep her space”, he stated.

Although the producer of “My fortune is to love you”Has indicated that he will do everything possible so that Carmen Salinas continues to be part of the cast, in some Mexican media it has transpired that if the interpreter cannot return to her work, the actresses who are already considered to take her place are Silvia Pinal and Ana Martin.


Before the release of the production of “My fortune is to love you”, Carmen Salinas’s family said that if the actress recovers, she will not be able to work in the short term.

Through this means, we inform that by instructions of the doctors, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regained consciousness, would have to undergo a rehabilitation that would not allow her to have a short-term work activity”, The document refers.


The same family of the also politician explained that Carmen Salinas is in a coma and that her condition is serious. In conversation with the program “Today”, From Televisa, Carmen Plascencia, one of her granddaughters, confirmed that she suffered “a stroke in the stem part“And that at the moment he is with”assisted breathing”.

According to his account, Carmen Salinas He collapsed around 10:00 pm on Wednesday, November 10, in the bathroom of his house, shortly after having dinner and watching his soap opera in the company of his nephew.

He began to feel bad from one moment to the next. The diagnosis is delicateor ”, he added.

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What happened to Carmen Salinas? The 82-year-old Mexican actress is one of the most important in her country, with a career that exceeds six decades, both in film and television. The artist is now in a delicate state of health. According to the first reports, communicated by his relatives, he would be in a coma and on an artificial respirator.

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