"My father was a pocket maker who chased womanizers" : Marc Lavoine’s daring secrets about his parents…

Three and a half years after his last album, Marc Lavoine is making a big comeback with his 14th opus entitled Adult Never. Several weeks ago his audience discovered the first extract, The Train with a clip in which the actress Virginie Ledoyen appears. “I had written many many titles, which means that I have a lot left that I didn’t put on, that I might put on later. I had the chance to put together this album with a new team and two composers: Darko and Matthieu, the drummer, who produced the record. They produced it with Etienne Caylou, an engineer who worked with Eddy de Pretto”, he confided according to comments relayed by RFM.

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This 12-song album, he came to talk about it in Day-to-day on TMC. Facing Yann Barthès, the 59-year-old singer talked about his upbringing and his parents. “I was raised by children. I think an adult is a child who has failed his life. My parents were kids. mother was a somewhat melancholy child. There were only children in our house, the doors were open all the time”, said the one who will return in the next edition of The Voice with Florent Pagny, Vianney, Amel Bent and Nolwenn Leroy.

After having squatted in his red armchair for several months on TF1, the performer of the piece She has piercing eyes will begin a tour of France from November 9, 2022. It will travel the roads of France, stopping for example in Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon, Nice or Nantes, Marseille and Grenoble. The Parisian public will be waiting for it on the side of the Palais des Congrès on December 2nd.

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