"My baby’s heart that no longer beats" : Pauline (MAPR 6) makes a heartbreaking revelation on Instagram

Last June, season 6 of “Married at first sight” ended with a traditional “final report”. An episode during which viewers had the joy of discovering that Bruno and Alicia, but also Pauline and Damien, the two star couples of this edition, are still married and lead a peaceful and happy life as a couple.

As soon as they met, Pauline, who is a liberal nurse, and Damien, who is a car salesman, had a real crush to the point of saying “yes” to each other at first sight and even to treat themselves to a torrid wedding night. Ten months after filming and their extraordinary marriage, they are still as much in love and have even bought a nice house in which they now live together.

Pauline makes a sad announcement on Instagram
Very active on Instagram where she is followed by nearly 200,000 people, Pauline took the floor this Thursday, August 4, to make a sad announcement to her subscribers. “I will not be present the days to come… I need to recharge my batteries with my family, my friends. Very difficult moment for me” she said.

The pretty brunette then reveals the reason for her grief: “A first early miscarriage in May… I tell myself it’s at the very beginning, it’s the first time… But there, at two months of pregnancy, the heart of my baby who no longer beats, while everything was going well for him… It’s too much for me”.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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