My Angel on TF1: Muriel Robin returned to the lands of her childhood

The “Mon Ange” series begins Thursday, January 6 on TF1. For the filming of this mini-series, Muriel Robin returned to the lands of her childhood, enough to remind her of many memories.

My angel : a worrying disappearance in the countryside

Made up of four episodes, the mini-series My angel, already available on Salto, will be broadcast on TF1. This program is written by Négar Djavadi, we therefore find in headlining Muriel Robin and Marilou Berry seen recently in I promise you, but also the young Romane Jolly who took her first steps as an actress in the TF1 series Runaway alongside Michaël Youn and Sylvie Testud.

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The comedian here plays Suzanne Brunet, who never recovered from her daughter’s disappearance a few years earlier. She doesn’t know what happened and if she is still alive. All these unanswered questions plunged her into alcohol. After getting out of this terrible addiction, Suzanne falls back on a photo in a newspaper article. She thinks she sees her daughter, and from there she decides to go to this lost village to conduct the investigation and relaunch the research.

Direction Haute-Loire!

The shooting of My angel has a very special flavor for the actress Muriel Robin. Director Arnault Mercardier and the production team wanted very specific landscapes where nature is dominant. They chose Haute-Loire where rock, forests, hills and rivers intermingle. Landscapes familiar to Muriel Robin who is native of Montbrison, as she explained on France Blue :

I was in a colony in the area when I was 11 and 12 years old. I was in a boarding house called Les Pins, which was run by a couple who called themselves Aunt Françoise and Uncle Raymond. I went to see Aunt Françoise, who is 101 years old, in a nursing home in Chambon last week. I met her daughter and we went to see this lady whom I had a wonderful memory, I was very happy to see this person again.

Muriel Robin filming © Radio France – Thierry Creux

Memories memories

It all takes place in a fictional village called Lignon. Muriel Robin, originally from the region, lived in Saint-Etienne from 5 to 22 years old, a few scenes were also shot in the city close to the station, which the actress knows well. It is therefore on her native land that Muriel Robin will also give the reply to Patrick Chesnais in the role of Paul, the policeman, and Alexandra Vandernoot. This filming brought back fond memories to him.

This is really where nature really slapped me. I have a very precise memory, even if I was 11 years old, of these fir trees, these clearings and a very beautiful, very dense vegetation, like a postcard of the countryside, with very large areas. As they were looking for the western atmosphere, it suited the director and so much the better.

The program, consisting of four 52-minute episodes, is already available in its all on the platform jump.

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