Muzaffarpur- Muzaffarpur: bihar panchayat election 2021 viral poster of mukhiya candidate in muzaffarpur: poster of chief candidate in Bihar panchayat election viral

Sandeep Kumar, Muzaffarpur
The process of Bihar Panchayat election has started. The first round of nominations has been filled. This time some such candidates are also coming out in the state who are making strange and alluring promises to the public for their victory. A poster of one such candidate is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are laughing and laughing after reading it. The poster is also being shared among others.

This poster is associated with Maqsooda Gram Panchayat of Muzaffarpur. In this, a candidate is claiming that as soon as he becomes the head, the entire village will be given a government job. Airport facility will also be provided in the village. Bikes will be given to bachelor boys. Along with this, 5 thousand rupees will also be sent daily in the account as allowance.

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Tobacco and bidi each to the elderly
In the viral poster, it has been written on behalf of the candidate claiming that the girls will also be provided with free sewing machines and free beauty parlor facilities. At the same time, Netaji has also taken care of the elderly in the viral poster. Netaji has promised to distribute tobacco and bidi every day to the elderly.

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Told the candidate the bastard and the drunkard
At the same time, the poster of another candidate Shiv Babu Prajapati is also going viral. In which he is being described as the biggest bastard and drunkard. Now these posters have been made by cursing the photos or have been put up by the people of the area or their opponents, it is not known. But people are enjoying these posters fiercely.

viral poster in bihar panchayat election

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