Mutation boosts synapses in the brain

People who carry a mutation in the embarrassed CORD7 have better scores on IQ or memory tests. This “mutation of theintelligence is dominant, i.e. it does not need to be present on both copies of the CORD7 gene to be effective, and it modifies a single amine of a protein involved in the activity of neurons. In the central nervous system and peripheral, the neurons communicate with each other through contact zones called synapses where passes thenerve impulses.

Until then the effect of CORD7 mutation on synapses was not fully understood by scientists. A German team from the University of Leipzig managed to find out more thanks to a drosophila (Drosophila melanogaster), a small fly frequently used for scientific experiments with which we have about 75% of genes in common. With the scissors Crispr-Cas9the scientists were able to recreate the mutation in the CORD7 gene on neurons of the’bug.

We observed that the animals carrying the mutation showed a much greater transmission of information at the level of the synapses. This amazing effect on the synapses of the fly is probably found in an identical or comparable way in human patients, and could explain their increased cognitive performance, but also their blindness. explained Tobias Langenhan, lead author of the study. Indeed, the CORD7 mutation energizes the synapses and the cognitionbut it also makes you blind.

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