Musila’s big return is embarrassing: DOES IT THINK SERIOUSLY?

You may know Honza Musil (54), for example, from the program Dangerous Relationships, where he dealt with both family and relationship human crises. His new project called New Hope is of a similar nature, it is not just actors who play it, but real people with real stories. Musil also collaborates with the charity project Donio. “Donio is a project that organizes godly collections, but unlike others, they do not waste any money, they are funded by direct sponsors.” said Musil for the website

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Flash Podcast: We help people after a tornado, but we need to get strong emotions out

It’s a beautiful gesture from the moderator, but unfortunately he doesn’t get paid for it yet. “Musil pays out of nowhere, Musil pays himself out of his money. If we succeed, one day it will be on some streaming service, or we will find partners. “ he confided. Perhaps there will be someone who will support Musil’s charity project.

The Vlčeks donated 1.5 billion crowns to charity and to save the Cibulka homestead

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