Musician Vladimír Mišík (75): Immediate heart surgery!

Early intervention by cardiologists saved the singer’s life Vladimír Mišík. Doctors diagnosed him with heart failure and he immediately had to undergo a difficult operation. “Dad was really not well. He had to undergo surgery in Motol, his heart failure scared us a lot, “admitted Aha! son Adam Mišík, who follows in the show business in his father’s footsteps. “Unfortunately, it is an age and it is important to take care of yourself. To listen to the doctor too, “says Adam, who has spent hours of dear father-in-law.

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“Moments like this are part of life, but I’m really glad we’re done and Dad’s fine. It’s even humorous again, “rejoices Mišík junior. “After a demanding operation, rehabilitation followed and we already have him at home, where he is recovering. It even draws him back to his favorite pub, but he has to follow a diet, “the singer added. Dad is banned from alcohol. Adam is happy not only with his father’s healing, but also with his fresh relationship with Natália Jirásková (17), the model’s daughter Iva Kubelková (45).

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