Musician couple opens: Drew Sycamore stopped controversial concert – and Mattias Kolstrup had his shoelaces tied together by the audience

This summer, Drew Sycamore played for Green Concert.

But when the series of concerts reached Odense, the 32-year-old musician had to completely interrupt her performance when she had a shot pipe thrown at her head from the audience.

Today, she describes the experience as “a boundary-crossing split second.”

“I actually manage to throw up my hands and walk off the stage before I discover what it really is. It’s very intuitive, and then I get really, really upset, and I was very, very shocked,” explains Drew Sycamore, when BT meets her and her husband, the former Duné lead singer Mattias Kolstrup, for the latest Danish Music Awards.

“Physically, my reaction was enormously violent, and I myself feel that God, how violent it is, why am I crying so much? Why is it so violent, it was just – it didn’t even hurt.’

But that split second was enough for Drew Sycamore to have to drop the rest of the concert altogether.

“It was just so borderline-crossing, because it’s an agreement we have that we look after each other,” explains the singer.

“I tried everything I could not to cry because I wanted to go back in, but it just came and it had to come out. And yes, then you can’t sing, it sounds bad.’

The sun was directly on the stage when Drew Sycamore performed in a good 25 degree heat. Photo: Helle Arensbak/Ritzau Scanpix

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Her husband of the past five years, the 34-year-old former Duné lead singer Mattias Kolstrup, recognizes the experience only too well.

Although he has never had anything thrown directly at his head, he has been hit many times by flying objects thrown from the audience.

“I’ve also experienced that my shoelaces have been tied by someone at the front of the stage, and then I stepped back and could see it. Then it’s just down and tie them up again,’ says Mattias Kolstrup and begins to laugh.

Because normally he tends to sweep these kinds of episodes away. But his wife’s interrupted Green Concert has left its mark on him.

“I’ve always thought that you just have to continue, but I was really inspired quite a lot by what Drew said afterwards,” explains Mattias Kolstrup.

“If you’re sitting at your computer and you’re working, and then someone comes and throws something at your head, and you just have to be like: ‘Well, that’s what can happen. at the workplace, so I just continue my work as if nothing happened’. It’s really okay to set limits,’ is the conclusion.

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