Music: the popularity of collabs and how actions can impact artists’ careers

The “collabs” have become common within the musical environment when uniting artists in new projects, whether already established names, or those who are at the beginning of their careers. Creating and producing with other musicians, even from different musical genres, can bring numerous advantages. In addition to promoting the work, it reaches new audiences and elevates the names of artists. In any case, these collaborative productions come to conquer and impact fans.

What is a collab in music?

O DJ and Producer Jackal comments that the unions of artists add value to the careers and projects of both. He mentions that if a small musician forms a collab with a more well-known and big musician in the market, his professional growth can be boosted. The artist clarifies that working together can still guarantee a better final result of the production.

“The main objective of a collab is to add ideas for an even better experience for the listener. In the music production process we listen to the same song tirelessly and, with that, sometimes we block creativity. In the collab, we manage to unite many ideas, from different people, in the pursuit of excellence”, he explains.

Importance of collabs between artists

Jackal says that there are positive points for joining the names of the song. In addition to the network, it is possible to have new perspectives, learn, boost results on social networks and even try other musical genres. The collabs, in any case, add value to the project. He points out that David Guetta, for example, has released numerous projects with other artists and is recognized for major releases, in various styles.

“Well-known artists often join hands to add audiences between them and increase the reach of their listeners and audience. For small producers, when a bigger artist gives the opportunity for a collab, the chance for the career to have a boost both in numbers concerts and other possibilities, it’s excellent”, he comments.

“Sometimes, even though the musical segment is the same, due to regional seasonality an artist is not as well known or heard in a certain region as the other. With the collab, the reach is uniform for both sides. Practically all the big ones artists from the electronic scene have collaborated and collaborated. It’s impossible not to mention Vintage Culture, David Guetta, Kvsh and Nicky Romero. With their musical partnerships, they make electronic music reach farther and farther”, he adds.

The popularity of collabs

In addition to participating in collabs, another relevant factor for a music artist’s career is to be noticed and invited to partner with a big name in the same area. In the case of Jackal, he was seen by Kevin O Chris, a Brazilian funk carioca MC known as one of the main representatives of the genre.

“I was lucky enough to get Kevin O Chris’s attention with a remix I made unpretentiously of his song ‘Incendeia’. The artist saw and heard it on my Instagram and publicly praised me by calling me to officially release the song on the main digital platforms”, reports.

“It all started with a challenge from a producer friend for me to produce a funk remix in 24 hours, but I finished the remix in 18 hours. 56 million plays and Kevin has extraordinary numbers of followers and monthly listeners”, he concludes.

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