Museum Night 2022 at the Château de Compiègne (60)

the Compiegne Castle is a beautiful royal palace, in neo-classical style, which contains a rich history and magnificent treasures. To visit it under the stars, only one solution: the 18th edition of the Museum Nightthis event free which is taking place Saturday May 14 2022.

For a magical evening, we are invited to (re)discover this exceptional monument by the light of stars. Under the flames of candles and the bundles of flashlights, the play of light and shadow creates fascinating spectacles on the facade and in the rooms of the castle.

On the program for this Night of Museums at the Château de Compiègne:

Discover the castle’s collections at nightfall in a different light! Flashlight, candle, play of light and shadow… the collections will reveal themselves to you in a new way.

Light, from the candle to the paintings:

  • Visits by torchlight of the Apartments of the King of Rome and double of Prince
  • Light in collections
  • Candle workshop for families
  • Gigs

To participate in these visits, registrations are done on site. All tours are free !


Built under Charles V on the road to Flanders, 80 kilometers from Paris, the Compiegne Palace will welcome the sovereigns of the Kingdom of France, from Louis XV to Napoleon III. It will thus experience many rearrangements, under Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleon Iand will even be occupied by the Prussians in 1870. After this period, the castle restores the main apartments, including the apartments of the Emperor, the Empress, the King of Rome and the double apartment of the prince.

Leaving the imperial apartments, it is possible to discover the history of the reign of Napoleon III with the museums of the Second Empire which presents the life of court at the time of Napoleon III and the museum of the Empress which evokes the intimate life of the sovereigns.

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