Muse of the 2006 World Cup reveals romance with Denilson: “I got it”

Elected muse of the World Cup in 2006, Estela Pereira, 40, revealed that she had a romance with the player Denilson, who played for the Brazilian national team in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups.

In conversation with Lucas Hit, from Clube da VIP, she said that the affair lasted a few days and stressed that the former player was single at the time.

“I have no problem talking because it’s been a long time. Today he is very happily married, but he was single at the time. It was with Denilson. I got it (laughs)! It was just a fling and we spent a few days together,” he said.

Estela explained that the two met on one of the trips she took to publicize her nude shoot. In addition to being on the cover of Playboy in Brazil, she was also featured in Croatia and Mexico, as well as participating in several TV shows across the country.

In the chat, she explained that she invested the money she earned at the time and managed to buy a house, renovate her car and study hard. She also traveled the world.

“I spent some time outside Brazil, in Switzerland, where I worked in a studio and learned a lot. Today my dream is to launch my own brand of gym wear,” she revealed.

Estela explained that she ended up moving away from the spotlight and then disappearing from the media.

“Some time after the rehearsal I started a relationship with a very jealous boyfriend, who said he wanted to be with me, but wouldn’t accept my work. I ended up pulling away and missing the opportunities that were appearing for me,” she said.

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