Musa do Santos is a victim of prejudice within the condominium: "Compelling"

The model and Muse of Santos, Larissa Franco, was the victim of prejudice in the condominium where she lives, when she used the pool with her son, who witnessed the scene.

According to Larissa, one of the residents who was also at the pool, scowled when the blonde approached and ‘pulled’ her son, who was waiting to play with the son of Musa do Santos.

“In all these years working with my body, with beauty, I have never experienced something so painful and embarrassing. I was going to the pool, along with my son, and when we arrived, there was another mother with a child and her husband nearby, and that’s when everything happened. Her son, when he saw my son, thought he was a company to play with, but she pulled him by the arm and babbled words against me, ”she says.

The situation was so embarrassing that, to avoid exposure to her children, aged 2 and 4, Larissa stopped going to the common area of ​​the condominium.

“At the time I didn’t understand what was going on and I kept quiet. Afterwards, when I got home, I cried a lot and now, out of embarrassment, I am not using the pool with my children. I know that the condominium cannot forbid me, I know my rights, but it was all so embarrassing that I’m saving myself so as not to expose my children to embarrassment”, revealed Larissa Franco, who is the mother of two boys.

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