Murilo Rosa defends Douglas Silva after controversy with Jade Picon in soap opera. Understand!

After Jade Picon was cast in a Globo soap opera, Murilo Rosa used social networks to draw attention to Douglas Silva, who also participated in the “BBB 22”. On Instagram, Murilo highlighted the actor’s resume and asked Douglas to also receive proposals to return to TV after being a finalist in the reality show.

“Let’s go… I write this post with affection and respect. Douglas Silva was one of the protagonists of one of the greatest films (now a classic) ever made in Brazil, ‘City of God’. Filming and he puts on a show. people ‘responsible’ for casting a cast think it’s time for him to star in a soap opera, how about it?”, said the artist.

While netizens, and even actors from Globo, criticized the invitation made for Jade Picon to act in “Travessia” and opposite Chay Suede in Gloria Perez’s plot, Murilo Rosa escaped from controversy but emphasized: “And wonderful new actors, in need of a opportunity, they are available and waiting in the theaters… Come on, courage”.

Douglas Silva talks about the fight for space and recognition on TV

Recently, Douglas Silva participated in the program “Papo de Segunda”, on GNT, and commented on the difficulties he faces in his career, despite being internationally recognized.

“I’m the first Brazilian actor to be nominated for an Emmy, but it didn’t influence anything in my career, it didn’t influence anything in my pocket, I have to always be proving myself. I even got to criticize myself at one point, ‘ Wasn’t that luck?'” he said.

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