Murilo Huff plans to resume after Marília Mendonça’s death and promises releases

Murilo Huff spoke with the followers, this Wednesday afternoon (24), about returning to work after the death of his ex-girlfriend, Marília Mendonça. The singer, who canceled all appointments for the month after the tragedy, announced that he will release new songs and spoke of the expectations for the new projects.

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The artist had a single release scheduled for the last 13th, but decided to postpone it due to recent events. Murilo promised to release six new songs, as part of the continuation of the project “Pra Ouvir Taking Uma”, as well as a new edition of the album “Ao Vivão”.


Murilo, who spent a period missing from social media, said he was happy to hear the new songs and shared with internet users reflections on the purpose of his artistic career. “I started to reflect on the opportunity I have to, through music, bring you joy, make you smile.. That’s what I want to focus on now, that’s what I’ve always done, that’s what I’ve always tried to do. I count on your support a lot, on the support of those who like my work”, he asked.

The new works are not yet scheduled for release, but Murilo seems excited to share with the public. “I really hope to be able to show you this work soon, which was done with a lot of love. I hope you can be happy listening to this work, because I think that’s our intention here“.

In recent days, Murilo was seen beside Leo, the singer’s son with Marília Mendonça. He will share custody of the child, who turns two next month, with his former mother-in-law, Ruth Moreira.

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