Murilo Huff joins Maiara & Maraisa in a track that has history with Marília Mendonça: ‘For strong women’

Murilo is excited about the fourth audiovisual project of his career. “This DVD comes at a very good time in my career. The scenography of the stage is beautiful, all my band is aligned, I was very happy with the participation”, he added.


Before becoming successful as a singer, Murilo emerged in the country music scene as a composer, a talent he discovered when he was still a teenager. He is the author of famous works by artists such as Marília Mendonça, Naiara Azevedo, Bruno & Marrone and Michel Teló.

Currently, Murilo lives the opposite process and, bursting as a performer, he started recording songs by other composers. “I love listening to new music, I’m always looking to find what I believe the audience will identify with and connect with. I still compose, I started like this, but it’s natural to record songs by other composers, we are a support network, we need to help each other“, he declared.

With so much experience in the composition market, Murilo assesses what listeners are currently looking for. “People listen to music that fits their realities, experiences and even what they need to hear. I think it’s important to have songs that give strength and empower“, he pointed out.

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