Murder Trieste, the arrested person does not respond to the investigating judge. The position of the girl is being examined

Robert Trajkovic was 17 years old

Trieste, 11 January 2022 – Assassination of Robert Trajkovic: Ali, the 21-year-old in prison for premeditated voluntary murder of the 17-year-old, did not answer the questions of the investigating judge, in the guarantee questioning. The chief prosecutor of Trieste, Antonio De Nicolo. “The investigating judge – explains De Nicolo – reserved the right to proceed by tomorrow on the request, formulated by the deputy prosecutor in charge of the procedure, to validate the arrest and to submit the suspect to custody in prison”.
But the investigations are not closed. It was yesterday heard the disputed girl. Precisely for her, a 19-year-old Italian, Ali would have strangled her ‘rival’ in love with a lace. The prosecutor writes: “The position of the young woman in whose room Robert Trajkovic was awaited the night he was killed is currently being examined: this in reference to the first statements made by the same and concerning the alleged disappearance of the latter”.

Murder Trieste, after hearing the disputed girl. “Investigations not yet completed”

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So the 17-year-old was lured into a trap? There are still no elements to reach this conclusion, the investigators suggest. At the moment a certainty: “The murder – says the prosecutor – was materially committed by only one person”.

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