Murder of Civitanova, hundreds in the procession: "Justice for Alika"

Civitanova, 6 August 2022 – “Justice for Alika . We ask the Italian state not to leave its family alone. There are a woman and a child here. “This is the appeal of the Nigerian community and of the gods Alika’s brothers in the front row ( video ), arrived one from Spain and the other from Arezzo to give the last farewell to the 39-year-old Nigerian beaten with a crutch and then finished with his bare hands in Corso Umberto in Civitanova, Friday of last week, from Filippo Ferlazzo , 32 year old from Salerno . Shortly after 2 pm, under a scorching sun, the procession (video) which brought together the Nigerian community in Civitanova, hundreds of people from all over Italy to ask for justice.

Alika was a street vendor and a father of a family: he leaves behind his wife Charity and an eight-year-old boy.

In the front row, his wife Charity and two of the victim’s six brothers. “For reasons of expediency, little Emmanuel stayed at home”, explained the family’s lawyer, the lawyer Francesco Mantella. At the moment, four other brothers remain in Nigeria, awaiting the entry visa to Italy. Consequentially, Alika’s funeral could take place at the end of next week.

‘We all have a right to be alive’

The procession started from the stadium, present the mayors of Civitanova Ciarrapica and San Severino . “A procession in memory of Alika and to give a signal of brotherhood, humanity, relaxation”, says the family’s lawyer, Francesco Mantella. ‘We all have the right to be alive’ is the title of the event, also reported (in English, ed) on white t-shirts of the organizers on which the image of the 39-year-old Nigerian is portrayed. The goal of the march is to give a sign against indifference and to support Alika’s family.

Alika's brothers appeal to the morgue: & quot; The Italian state does not leave the family alone & quot;
The appeal of the brothers to the morgue, addressed to the state: “He deserves capital punishment – they say, thinking of the killer -, our brother was killed in the street”, the brother had declared before the demonstration in the morgue. Even several friends they arrived this morning at the Civitanova Alta morgue: everyone, even there widow Charity, wearing black T-shirts with a white writing, ‘Justice for Alika’.

“Never thought of a racist gesture”

Family and community have never understood the gesture as a racist but of violence that as such must be condemned regardless of who suffers it or who implements it. “Thus the lawyer Mantella, lawyer of the family who today accompanied Alika’s wife, to the solidarity procession. said the lawyer, “the Nigerian community is very close to the family tragedy, but the demonstration must be the signal that the entire Marche and Italian community wants to rally around the pain of Alika’s family and wants to demonstrate, demonstrate ‘no’ strong against violence and discrimination “. The” demonstration – underlines Mantella – is to demonstrate that a gesture like this must make the community question, must be condemned and must give a signal to restore a sense of solidarity, brotherhood and humanity between all people”.

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