Murder of a prostitute with a hammer in Marcinelle: the main suspect found hanged in prison, “he experienced an event badly”

The charges against Nicolas M. date back to August 30, 2021. On that day, a large police force deployed in front of an apartment building on Avenue Mascaux, in Marcinelle. The body of a woman, of South American origin, had been found without lifemost likely killed by hammer blows.

Another lady had been violently assaulted, in the same way, and had been seriously injured. The room being rented by the day for the purpose of prostitution, the investigation made it possible to get hold of Nicolas M., 29, a client. Charged with murder and attempted murder, the man denied any involvement in the case, although he admitted to having met one of the victims that day.

The main suspect found hanged in prison: all the details here

His lawyer speaks here
: “He had a bad experience of an event”

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