Murder in the Nuorese area: 38-year-old farmer killed in an ambush

Murder in the Nuorese area is the hunt for the killer

Nuoro, January 13, 2022 – Un breeder 38 years old, Riccardo Muceli, is been killed yesterday afternoon in a ambush in the campaigns of Gairo, in Ogliastra.

According to the first reconstructions, around 18 the man would have been joined by some gunshots while he was driving home from the fold, driving his car. The carabinieri of the Jerzu Company, who are reconstructing the dynamics of the incident, are on the spot for the reliefs of the law.

The carabinieri of the Jerzu Company, coordinated by the prosecutor Gualtiero Battisti, are looking for elements for reconstruct the victim’s last hours and they do not exclude any leads, not even that the event can be connected to latest murders which took place in Gairo between 2014 and 2015 when it seemed that a feud had broken out in the village. The 21 December 2015 he had been killed Simone Piras, a 33-year-old farmer battered by three buckshot shots, on July 27 of the same year he was killed with two shots at close range Massimiliano Langiu, 27-year-old breeder. But before that, in November 2014, two other farmers were ambushed: Aldo Caboi, 63, died after a week of agony, e Fabrizio Liga, of 33, wounded but escaped death.

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