Murder Carla Cintelli, brother admitted to being guilty. Awaiting psychiatric report, the lawyer: “Doubts about his mental condition”

“The murder took place at the height of a fight, it was not his intention to kill her.” This was stated by Dario Fiorentino, the lawyer of Marco Cintellithe fifty-year-old investigated for the murder of his sister on 21 September a Signain the province of Florence. After the validation hearing, the man appeared “not lucid and not very present”. The economic motive remains the most accredited for now.

The lawyer is also satisfied with the decision of the judge who ordered one psychiatric report. It is therefore possible that alternative measures to the prisonso that he can “deal with his psychic problems”, explains Fiorentino before adding: “Since the first contact with my client I had manifested serious doubts about his mental condition“.

The defender also points out how it is state of detention has not been validated by the judge Fabio Gugliotta because “it was executed by the carabinieri outside the permitted cases”. However, the pre-trial detention in prison, waiting to know the result of the psychiatric report.

As from the first reconstructions, the investigations confirmed that the murder took place in the context of marginality. Carla Cintelli would have been killed by her brother in their parents’ house, then the man would have hidden until his wife reported his disappearance. Only later was the woman’s body found.


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