Munzarová and Dvořák’s daughter scares: PROBLEMS WITH THE HEART ?!

Anna is only twenty years old Dvořáková he has stepped up to a stellar career following the example of his famous parents and grandparents. In an acting family, it is difficult to avoid this profession, so the world in front of the camera or on the stage began to attract Anička as well. “I admit that I really enjoy playing. Although I don’t have that much of my own experience yet, I’ve been moving between theater and film since I was a child and I’ve always been attracted to it. So we’ll see,” Dvořáková revealed to Bleska.

Bar Munzar (50) before the new role: Arm surgery!

The daughter of the acting ex-husbands drew attention to themselves in the series Jellyfish Head and shone in the music video. This time, however, she attracted attention in a completely different way.

Nedvěd without teeth, deaf and does not come out! And Dvořák does not shoot for fear of his life

On her instagram profile, she published images showing Holter’s outpatient ECG monitoring, which captures heart activity for 24 hours. But she immediately reassured her followers. “Well, it looks like I’m fully charged. So I’m going to let those things go now because my flashlights are fully charged to work for the rest of my life. “ Anička Dvořáková wrote about the photos.

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