Munzar had to take her elevator to her mother: Ordination from Hlaváčová

Once an actor has gained a great deal of experience during his career, if he also has pedagogical prerequisites, he can pass on his knowledge. This is how the actress Bára Munzarová decided, which started teaching at the beginning of this school year at the music and pop departments of the Prague Conservatory. Here she replaced Eva Deáková, who could no longer continue due to health reasons.

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Because I’m a singing actress and some offers to teach, I’ve met me in my life – but it was necessary at a time when I had little Anička and didn’t want to run away from a child – I turned them down. It always has to be well timed, “ Bara Munzar explained.

In chatoic times, as is certainly the case during the whole pandemic period, people’s job offers were rather thinning. Saying yes is worthwhile at the moment. And so the former star of the Surgery in the Rose Garden 2 decided to eventually join the conservatory. “Now it caught me in such a good time after the lockdown, when everything is just pushed aside and closed. My idea was that they would tell me this offer in March, I would consider it, I would prepare a lot and maybe nod in September. But now it’s done in four hours, “ the actress stated on Czech Radio.

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Jana Hlaváčová’s mother, as an experienced teacher, also advised her on how to deal with the offer. Bara Munzar could definitely not go after anyone better! My mother’s opinion was key in her decision-making. “All I did was take the elevator upstairs to my mother, a longtime DAMU professor who had been passed down by many generations of successful actors, and said, ‘Mom, what do you think?’ “ quotes the actress magazine Sedmička.

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Her mother, of course, encouraged her: “Take it, you’ll be great,” Jana Hlaváčová’s answer was. “And what would you advise me to do?” daughter Bára continued. “Jesus, I don’t remember anymore. Take it!” described the interview with her mother Bára Munzarová. And as the mother said, her daughter did.


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