Municipal, in Monza the outgoing Allevi (Fi) aims to reconfirm against Pilotto (Pd). Valeria Rossi is a candidate (remember “Sun, heart, love”?)

“You can breathe pure enthusiasm in the city: Monza you are a show“. If the outgoing mayor Dario Allevi he had already considered his reconfirmation at the administrative meetings of 12 June for probable, the promotion to Serie A of the red and white of Berlusconi and Galliani gave him further confidence. And the exponent of Come on Italy did not miss the opportunity to take to the streets to celebrate with the other fans and to talk about “capital of sport”, Thanks to football, Formula 1 and volleyball, with two teams in the top flight. A push to be played in the electoral campaign, even if the stadium to be renewed and expanded, in addition to the enthusiasm, will bring with it problems of viability and accessibility that will have to be taken care of by those who win the elections.

To challenge Allevi – who in 2017 won the ballot with 51.33% of the votes and is supported by Forza Italia, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and the civic list in his name – will be above all Paolo Pilotto, a member of the Democratic Party who won the center-left primaries against another dem, Marco Lamperti. Teacher at the Zucchi classical high school, outgoing municipal councilor and former councilor, Pilotto is supported by a rather broad coalition which includes, in addition to the Pd, Possibile, Europa Verde, Italia Viva-Psi, Action, LabMonza and the list Pilotto mayor MonzAttiva, but not the 5 Star Movement. Among the candidates of MonzAttiva there is Valeria Rossiwho twenty years ago made millions of Italians hum his summer catchphrase “Give me three words: sun, heart, love”, while today he lives in Monza, works atregistry office of the Brianza municipality of Paderno Dugnano and he says he appreciates “the active participation of citizens”. Among the themes of the campaign, one above all: the safety. So much so that one morning the Monza people woke up with the same slogan on the posters of both sides: “For us, safety it’s serious”, The writing above Pilotto’s face, identical to the one above the symbol of the League. A question that the Allevi council has obviously not been able to resolve in these five years.

At the session there is a absent by surprise: the M5Swhich five years ago had taken the 7.9%. Exponents and activists in the area had initially decided to nominate the activist Elisabetta Bardone, only to take a step back in early May and withdraw the list. A choice derived from the position of the national leaders, who convinced local representatives to rethink the political path rather than present a candidacy considered weak. The race for mayor is still crowded, given that in addition to Allevi and Pilotto there are seven other candidates. Primarily Paolo Piffer of the Civic list, in 2017 elected to the council with 4.84% and supported by + Europa and Volt. Then the former bossian and outgoing city councilor Alberto Marianiwho shows up for the Great North, the retired magistrate Ambrogio Mocciawho leads the Movement for Moccia. Daniela Brambilllathe only female candidate for mayor, appears for Italexit, which she also has on the list Sergio Braminithe Brianza entrepreneur who came to the fore in recent years after his bankruptcy for which he blamed the non-payments from the public administration (reconstruction on which, however, the CSM raised doubts) and became a consultant to the Conte I government. Carlo Chiericoactive in the world of sport and pacifism, is the candidate of Monza Unita, Sandro Belli del Popolo della Famiglia and Ancora Italia, while Michele Anastasia he is at the head of the 3V Movement, close to the no vax.


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