Municipal, in Monza the challenge is on safety. Like 5 years ago (despite promises). And left and right have the photocopy slogan

“Security measures in 72 hours”. “The problems are there safety and the decay. We will keep all the promises made during the election campaign. We can change this city that has become unrecognizable, bringing it back to being clean and safe is a priority ”. So said the mayor of Monza Dario Allevi on June 26, 2017, celebrating the election as mayor in the ballots. Five years later, on the eve of the new election, the hot topics that inflame the debate in the third city from Lombardycapital of the province of Monza And Brianzaare still the same but with one substantial difference: now it is the center leftpointing his finger at what he believes the bankruptcy of the Allevi administration. Battle horses of Come on Italy And League such as “restoration of legality”, “perceived real insecurity”, “increase in video surveillance cameras”, “implementation of public lighting”, are now the mantras of Democratic Party, Action, Italia Viva and civic lists that run in coalition. What has happened in recent weeks is emblematic: the center-right and center-left mayoral candidates found themselves with the same slogan on election posters, “For us, safety is a serious matter“. Except then to see the alliance in support of Allevi gloss over the issue, disengage from confrontations with the neighborhood committees and focus all communication, instead, on the so-called “Monza model“With great urban planning projects and road conditions that will await the capital in the coming years, from the arrival of the metro that the Monza inhabitants have been waiting for for over 40 years (the M1 in Bettola by 2024, and then the M5) to the relaunch of the Royal Villa andAutodrome.

The outgoing mayor feels ready for reconfirmation, a feat that his predecessors never succeeded in, but he has to deal with an electorate who – at least in words – says he is disappointed with the management of these years and ready to return to the left in a city accustomed to pendulum of the alternation always respected in the last 25 years. The end of the mandate of the Allevi junta was not easy: above all the criticism was triggered by the renewed system of separate waste collectionwhich resulted in garbage cans and bags on the streets of the center in broad daylight, and – as mentioned – the safety issue. In particular, if five years ago it was a question of problems related to illicit drugs related to the world, today the phenomenon of gangs of children is added. A juvenile unease exacerbated by the pandemic, which sees young and very young people (mostly minors) camp out in the city center, often drunk and sometimes armed, protagonists of fights and attacks on passers-by. The reports of petty crime incidents in the nightlife areas are constantly increasing, with the “businesses” of the baby-gangs even in the national news.

And the areas most at risk also extend: no longer the station and the nearby areas but the entire city center, hostage of “bad nightlife”And criminal episodes often carried out by the so-called“ sons of ”, scions of the“ Monza bene ”families who feel untouchable. In particular, via Bergamo and the Piazza del Tribunale, meeting places for young people: “One evening my 18-year-old daughter was walking with her boyfriend when a boy went to meet him and, out of nowhere, provoked him and punched him in the face. He did not react, but the situation could have escalated ”says a resident a “I am old, now I no longer take the dog for a walk after nine in the evening: they are herding, and it is a moment that they pass from the scorn to the hands” says another. Not to mention the vandalism and the degradation that is found the next morning, including vomit, bottles, glasses and garbage of all kinds. “Sometimes the smell is sickening”, the exasperated inhabitants complain. Just take a look at the local newspaper headlines to get an idea of ​​the escalation: in 2018 there is only one news, from July 6, “Moments of fear in the center of Monza: 22 and 25 year old boys stabbed in via Gramsci “; ditto in 2019, always another stabbing. In 2020, there was the aggression against the envoy of Strip the News Vittorio Brumotti, committed to denounce the drug dealing and illegality in the city. So from October 2021 to May 2022 the episodes multiplied: “Eighteen year old kicks a boy’s head, for a look”, “Two stabbed near the Monza Ferris wheel, one is serious”, “Maxi brawl in Monza with knives and bars: seven injured, two hospitalized and closed bar “,” Brawl in the center of Monza, a sixteen year old in hospital “,” Monza brawl at the station “,” Man left bleeding on the ground in the center of Monza “,” Street brawl in Monza in the station area “,” Monza, chases and attacks 18 year old: arrested for sexual violence “,” Monza, bottle fight in via Artigianelli: 2 people in hospital “.

Episodes that the councilor for security Federico Arena – renamed by the opposition as the “sheriff” of Monza – liquid as “impromptu” And “common to all large cities“As well as the discomfort of young people, therefore” certainly not attributable to the faults of this council “, and emphasizes instead how controls increased law enforcement. “The situation at the station and in via Visconti has clearly improved, now i Royal groves they are a meeting place for families, before the drug dealers. We have increased the body of Local police of 30 units, established a canine group and fixed garrisons and strengthened the evening patrols in collaboration with the State Police and the Carabinieri. Our agents are equipped with drones and, for a few weeks, also with tasers ”, explains Arena. But the perception of citizens is different: “In recent years the situation in the streets of the center has become catastrophic according to all possible criteria, first of all those that they themselves had given themselves. With this system of repression the problem has simply shifted ”, they tell us. “The subjects in question when they see the Local Police arrive they go elsewhere and if the police are called for the inconvenience related to nightlife they are almost always already engaged elsewhere”. Even traders do not tolerate the situation: from a survey conducted in March 2021 by Confcommercio Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza, it emerges that 65% of exhibitors respondents in the province of Monza found an increase in criminal phenomena in your municipality / neighborhood in the last 5 years. The shopkeepers in the center disengage from the interviews, but a young saleswoman admitted she feared the worst when, on a Saturday morning, a drunk man walked into the shop where he works and ordered her and her colleague to give him some wine. Fortunately, the two women managed to keep the man at bay and alert the carabinieri but, even for the customers present, they were moments of fear.

“We are aware of not have a magic wand and we don’t think we can solve the problems overnight if we get elected, ”he explains Francesca Pontanioutgoing municipal councilor in Italy Viva quota as candidate with the center-left in support of Paolo Pilotto. “But it is certain that a different approach is needed, the hard fist of recent years has only led to great proclamations by the mayor and his council but not to solutions, on the contrary. For this reason, in our opinion, we need to focus primarily on greater involvement of citizens, because there is no more fertile ground than indifference to make petty crime grow, and then on targeted youth policies, starting from schools “. In short, in this context the electoral challenge is very open and crucial will be the center-right electorate.

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