Municipal, Genoa reconfirms Bucci: “Low turnout? This is not the problem”. Toti: “Center-right, look at the Liguria model”

The reconfirmation of Marco Bucci the mayor of Genoa passes through an affirmation of the civic lists in his name, while the lists of the center-right parties that support him stop below the double digit: “A success of quality civic candidacies and of a coalition that has been able to team up – underlines the mayor / commissioner on the journey traveled with his supporters from the electoral point to Palazzo Tursi – I stopped working half an hour ago and from tomorrow we have a lot to do, the system has been confirmed we worked hard to keep the system as it should be and I am happy that we can go on for another 5 years to build the international city we want ”.

For the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti: “It is the confirmation of the success of the Liguria model, with a center-right extended to the reformists looking to the center, I hope that the center-right will be able to take up this idea also at the national level”.

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