Municipal, de profundis of the M5s: collapse in Palermo, below 5% in Genoa and in the other capitals. Conte: “I do not hide the dissatisfaction”

Much more than a defeat: the general collapseeven where it was hoped that “the Count effect “ it would have limited the losses. The 5 star movement he leaves the administrative elections with broken bones almost everywhere and with the awareness that now the road is really uphill. The most striking data is that of Palermo: here not only the candidate of the Giallorossi alliance loses in the first round, but the M5s list stops at 7.6%. And if the Sicily it should have been the stronghold of votes, the situation is even more dramatic in the other cities that have gone to vote. The analysis of the data of the most populous cities is merciless: the Movement gets 4.4% to Genoa; 4.3% to Taranto; 4.2% in Messina; 2% in La Spezia; 1.56% to Catanzaro; 1.2% in Padua; 1.8% in Pistoia; 1.22% to Lodi; 0.71% in L’Aquila; 2% to Piacenza. TO Rieti there was an experiment of Count list: got stuck at 0.86%. Among the very few exceptions: Nola, where the M5s takes 12%. In general, results that leave little hope, so much so that today even the prophecy of the sworn enemy seems credible Matteo Renzi on the farewell to the “before Politics” symbol. Soon to say, but to survive the shock it will take a real shock from above. Meanwhile, the 5-star leaders repeat what for many years has been the refrain: “We have always gone wrong at the administrative offices” and “funerals ahead of time” “there have been many”. True. But to overcome the beating this time, it will take much more than the Maalox evoked in the past by Beppe Grillo: after nine years in Parliament, the excuse of lack of local roots can no longer be enough. A first (weak) admission came from Conte: “The data does not satisfy us”, said the leader, “we cannot accept convenient justifications”. And then what will he do? The “big” M5s hide behind the silence, but off the record comment: “It’s a bloodbath.”

The blow of Palermo and the general collapse from Genoa to Taranto – The Sicilian result is the one that hurts the most of all: the island was the laboratory of 5 star movement for years and the impression, confirmed by the polls, has always been that there was a hard core of supporters there from which Giuseppe Conte he could have started again. Not by chance the leader M5s he was at the forefront of the election campaign of the Giallorossi candidate Franco Miceli: the former prime minister is the father of citizenship income and in Sicily, the region that benefits most from it, was received with great warmth. But none of this translated into the polls: 7.6% of the listif the first data are confirmed, it is a result worse than any expectation and even below Action of Calenda which takes 8%. Five years ago the M5s at the Municipal he presented one of his candidates and the list took the 13 percent preferences. An improper comparison, but to be taken into consideration, is with the policies of 2018: the Movement in Palermo took almost everything with over 44% of the votes. A basin of consensus that today seems to have completely dried up.

But things are no better in other areas of Italy. We take Genoacity of the founder M5s Beppe Grillo: here the Movement today stops at 4.4%, even slightly surpassed by the list Green Europe-Sansa (5%) and with the former M5s of Alternativa (represented by the senator Mattia Crucioli) that take the 3.5%. In 2017, last administrative session, the 5 stars took the 18th%. In Liguria 5 stars are also bad at La Spezia (2%), also surpassed by the Italian Left-Green Europe (7%). TO Paduawhere the center-left wins in the first round with a civic mayor, the grillini stop at the threshold of the1.2 percent. TO Catanzaroanother land of agreement with the dem, the M5s makes 1.56 and is surpassed by various civic groups. The result of Taranto: takes 4.3%while the Pd almost the 20. Without forgetting that in the two cities where the center-left is claiming a good result or at least the advantage (Parma and Verona), the 5 stars have not even presented themselves with their own list and are in fact non-existent. Finally, Campania is particularly observed where traditionally the M5s (e Luigi Di Maio) goes strong. There is the good result of Nolabut also what “embarrasses” some of Somma Vesuviana (Naples): here the M5s supported the outgoing mayor with 6 other lists including “Somma al Centro for young people”, born from the “Noi Di Centro” party founded by the former Minister of Justice and leader Udeur Clemente Mastella. On the opposite side, the Pd.

Conte: “I’m not hiding”. And announces (another) reorganization – The picture is bleak for a Movement that is the first force in Parliament and is preparing for the political race. In the morning the vice president M5s Riccardo Ricciardi he tried to sweeten the reality: “I heard a lot of funerals after the administrative,” he said, “and then what happened to the politics happened. We are serene, the renewal process implemented by President Conte will give its results in the near future “. But in the afternoon it was Conte himself who presented himself in front of journalists to admit that something went wrong: “The data that emerge from the administrative offices do not satisfy us,” he said. “We cannot look for convenient justifications. But there is a given that hurts me and it is that of abstention ”. And again: “The administrative offices have always been a taboo for M5s, apart from a few sessions like in Turin and Rome. However I’m not here to hide behind this historical constant for the Movement “. To try to save what can be saved, Conte announced that he will launch a “path to complete the political action and internal organization also as regards the territorial articulations”. Because, he added, the administrative result also depends on the delays on this organization in the territories, “a slowdown also due to external events and internal resistance. Also for the Quirinal elections which objectively slowed us down on the path “.

What will happen to the Giallorossi alliance? – But the now phantom reorganization on the territories is not the only problem for Giuseppe Conte. The next few months will also be decisive for the future of the Giallorossi alliance in view of the policies. And now the impression is that the symbol M5sin many circumstances, either a burden not just for the Democratic party, but above all for the M5s president himself. Almost like a real brand that no longer works: the 5 stars come out of five years of government and difficult, if not impossiblebe recognized as a “new” force. Conte reiterated today that he will not question the axis with the Democratic Party: “I never said we have a strategic alliance”, he said, “but I always speak of profound and profitable dialogue with the Democratic Party and Article 1: not I never wanted to force because I believe that this path must have times, stages. We will examine the election result, but for the future joint action cannot be compromised by this election round for the simple reason that the M5s it still has to organize itself in the territories ”. In short, for now he does not want to change the horizon of action. Yet the blow will not pass undisturbed: in the next few weeks we have to think about the primaries for the Regionals in Sicily, the thorny knot of the second term and above all Conte will have to put back on track a political project who seems (this time for real) to have run out of energy.

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