Municipal, center-right ahead but in chaos: Salvini overtaken by Meloni almost everywhere. And in Sicily Fdi goes to war with Forza Italia

On the eve Giorgia Meloni had assured that she and Matteo Salvini they certainly would not have ended up like Romeo and Juliet. Words spoken from the stage in Verona, the only city where the two were seen together and where the outgoing mayor Federico Sboarina is likely to end up like King Learto stay within the scope Shakespeare: will go to ballotbut ten points behind the center-left of Damiano Tommasi. Despite the contemporary presence of the leader of Brothers of Italy and that of Leaguein fact, Sboarina pays for the split of the center-right: Come on Italyin fact, he focused on the former mayor Flavio Tosi. Finished third in the standings with 23%, the former mayor takes his double revenge: first and foremost because, in two weeks, his votes become essential to push Sboarina to the ballot. And then because, when the count is still in progress, his civic list is given to 10%four points above the Lega del historical rival Salvini.

Salvini’s double defeat – As it turned out, in fact, the leader who risked most of all from Sunday’s vote was precisely that of Carroccio. Salvini, in fact, is the promoter of the referendum on justicethe biggest flop of the entire republican history: the 20.9% of turnout is equivalent to worst record ever. And this had already been understood on Sunday night. On Monday afternoon, however, Salvini discovered that he had given up another slice of the electorate to Giorgia Meloni. That’s why after defecting the night press conference on the referendum, he rushed to sing the praises of the center-right that wins “only if united”. But then they asked him the most painful question: who will be the leader of the coalition next year? “The Italians will decide at upcoming policies“, Replied the head of the Carroccio. Hope is the last to die but the impression is that the former minister has now given up the scepter of leaders with legitimate aspirations as prime minister.

Whoever won in the first round is from Fdi – The count is still in progress but just take a look at the clearest results and the trends that follow percentages to get an idea. There is no doubt, in fact, that the center-right comes out the winner from this first round of administrative electionsconquering Palermo with Roberto Lagalla and confirming a Genoa And L’Aquila with Marco Bucci And Pierluigi Biondi. The latter is the only one to have a card in his pocket and it is that of the Melons party. Membership that it shares with Alessandro Tomasiconfirmed first citizen of Pistoia. With two thirds of the ballots scrutinized, in the Tuscan city Fdi is al 14% while the Carroccio slightly exceeds 4 and even risks staying outside the city council. A risk similar to the one he is running a Parma, the city cited by Salvini to attack Fdi in the election campaign. According to the former Minister of the Interior, in fact, in the ducal city the center-right could have won in the first round if he had gone together. The 7 percentage points won by the Fdi mayoral candidate, Priam Bocchihowever, would not have changed the destinies of Pietro Vignalinailed to 21%, with the Carroccio below the fateful threshold of 5.

Where the League chases – It goes better at L’Aquilawhere the League reaches 8 but is behind by ten points compared to Meloni’s party. More understandable 5% credited to Palermo to Italy firstthe symbol used by Salvini to run to the South. Even in the Sicilian capital, however, Meloni is full and with 11% is competing for the title of first party of the city to Come on Italy. Bad also in Catanzaro, where Salvini takes away the satisfaction of having bet on Valerio Donato (which goes to the ballot from first in the standings) but also here risks getting fewer votes than Fdi. Also to Genoa the Carroccio chases with 6%while Meloni’s party touches on 10. Fdi forward with 10 also a Spicewhere the civic Pierluigi Peracchini gets the reconfirmation in the first round and the leaguers do not exceed 8.

The North is discovered with Meloni – Worse is the situation in the North, a stronghold of the Northern League vote which is slowly moving forward converting to melonism. In Piedmontto Alexandriathe outgoing mayor is from the Carroccio: his name is Gianfranco Cuttica of Revigliasco and the ballot will probably be played at the reconfirmation. The League, however, does not exceed the 10 percentage points while Fdi touches the 15th. Ad Asti the outgoing Maurizio Rasero could get the second mandate already in the first round, while the League chases Fdi with a delay of 3 points (6 to 9) and is also overtaken by Come on Italy to 7. Salvini’s party remains first a Praise where he holds with 10 and the Melonians stop at 8. The center-right, however, risks losing the Lombard city by returning it to the center left: the mayor Sara Casanova goes towards defeat, beaten by Andrea Furegato del Pd. Situation opposite to Bellunowhere after 10 years the center-right is snatching the city to the center-left with Oscar De Pellegrin: Lega and Fdi are head to head around 10. Another not very encouraging sign for the Carroccio always comes from Venetohistoric fief of the sun of the Alps: in Padua the center left is confirmed in the city government, as per forecasts. Beaten Francesco Peghin, candidate chosen by Salvini from among the slanders of the Veneto leaguers. And in fact even here Fdi is the first party of the coalition with 8%, while the Northern League follows, just above 7.

The disputes with Forza Italia and the regional ones in Sicily – In short: if it really should continue to go like this, there is no longer any doubt about who should be the leader – indeed the leader – of the center-right. The conditionals, however, are a must. Despite a positive round of elections, in fact, the coalition seems to be pervaded by fierce internal warfare. Not only those between Salvini and Meloni, but also those among the exponents of Brothers of Italy And Come on Italy. In Sicily, where the united center-right has broken through in the capital, Gianfranco Miccichè he is already thinking of the regional next autumn. “Without a doubt, to keep the center-right united, Nello Musumeci must take a step back to the Regionals, ”said the Sicilian viceroy of Silvio Berlusconi. Immediate response from Fdi, which famously sponsors the governor. “If we who are the first party do not do the either-or to the otherswhy should others be able to do it to us? ”, is the rhetorical question that arises Francesco Lollobrigida. Concept reaffirmed immediately afterwards by Meloni: “We have our own ideas, I have read statements from others that are absolutely out of place. We do not give either-ordo not give others “.

The knot of the government and the Messina case – The leader of Fdi, enthusiastic about the data coming from all over Italy, could not resist provoking the allies. And she then advised Salvini and Berlusconi to leave the government of Mario Draghi: “If I were them I would,” he said. “Let’s not confuse the government of Belluno and of Palermo with the enormous problems that Italy will have to face. We are the only target for everyone, if I had wanted a comfortable life I would not have made the leader of the League ”, Salvini replied bitterly. Which could have one from Sicily unexpected satisfaction. He comes from Messina, where it was he who today praises the united center-right who broke the coalition. In the city on the Strait, however, the League did not follow Fdi and Fratelli d’Italia and focused on an outsider: it is called Federico Basilevery few knew him, but since he is the man chosen by the outgoing Cateno De Luca stands for win in the first round. De Luca resigned early just to be able to run as governor in the autumn: evidently not even the League intends to support Musumeci’s confirmation and intends to focus on the volcanic former Peloritan mayor. It will be a coincidence but if in Verona Shakespeare set the tragedy of Romeo and Julietin Messina he preferred to imagine one comedy with a title that appears 500 years later still very relevant: Much ado about nothing.

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