Mungeli News: The committee honored the donors

Takhatpur (Naiduniya News). Donors who donated CCTV cameras and machines and TVs in Mahamaya temple were honored with a citation by the temple committee.

Taking a lesson from the last day’s theft incident, CCTV has been installed in Mahamaya temple with the help of donors. On this occasion, the cameras were made operational after duly offering prayers. On this occasion, President Jitendra Pandey gave information on the work being done by the committee for the development of the temple and the preparations made for the upcoming Navratri. Advocate Ashok Thakur said that we all have to work unitedly for our religion and its work and he also appealed to cooperate with each other in the time of need. Bloc Congress Committee President Ghanshyam Shivhare said that our Sanatan culture has to be conveyed to the coming generation and all this can be done only by working together. This will give you information about your tradition and culture. The program was conducted by Jitendra Shukla and the vote of thanks was performed by Dilip Tolani. On this occasion Dhananjay Singh, Anil Singh Thakur, Bal Singh Thakur, Tekchand Karda, Vikram Singh Thakur, Kishan Sachdev, Vivek Pandey, Abhishek Pandey, Dev Singh Thakur, Arun Tomar, Bunty Bais, Rajneesh Jaiswal, Bihari Devangan, Tilak Devangan, Gyanu Devangan, Pradeep Pandey, Gajendra Gupta, Ashwani Devangan, Akash Thakur, Brijpal Singh Hura, Sonu Kshatriya, Ajay Devangan, Jai Dubey, Bonu Thakur, Pramod Thakur, Sujal Miri, Pappu Jaiswal, Prakash Dubey, Raju, Chandraprakash Devangan, Sunil Jangde, Satyendra Dubey, Shankar Agarwal, Niranjan Singh Kshatriya, Harvinder Hura, Kailash Devangan, Kanha Pathak, Parmeshwar Thakur, Nilesh Dhankar, Vivek Bajpai, Ayush Singh, Rahul Tiwari, Tannu Kukreja, Durga were present among others.

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