Mungeli News: Crowd of people gathered in Chaturthi fair of Khuntaghat

Ratanpur / Karra (Naiduniya News). People gathered in the Chaturthi fair at Khuntaghat dam organized on Ganesh Chaturthi. A large number of people came to see the beautiful sight.

Traditionally, shops were set up on the banks of the canal in the Chaturthi fair. When the crowd gathered at one place from morning till evening, there was no place to walk on the way to the dam. People from far and wide reached the fair in the hill of Khuntaghat and on the banks of the canal. Along with the city, a large number of people from the surrounding rural areas celebrated picnics and took walks.

Be aware that the Khuntaghat dam has become full, due to which the overflow has also started. This year the water is much more than last year. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, there was a crowd in the fair venue at night. It is noteworthy that in the year 2010, due to low water fall, the dam was filled only half way. After this, people did Shramdaan in 2011 to remove the silt accumulated in it with public cooperation. After this the dam started filling up completely and overflowing from the West Ware also took place. The work of the dam built during the British times started in 1921, which was completed in 1930 as a dam. Since then a fair is held on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi till today. The specialty of this fair is that women from village to village come to visit with their friends and after fasting they are accompanied by typical Khurmi, Chausela which is maintained in the house. Take him and eat on the bank of the dam. The splendor of a spontaneous fair extends to Korba district. People arrive in large numbers. Despite such a crowd, stampedes never happen here. The fair site extends from the small canal to the big canal. In this, many toy shops were engaged with hotels, handcarts, secret, manihari. Where Badho also made big purchases. Khuntaghat Dam is a picnic spot for the people of the district including Ratanpur, Bilaspur. In this beautiful place full of green hills, only water is visible in the dam surrounded by mountains for miles. The beach island can be reached by boat. There are a large number of crocodiles in the dam. There is a plantation of Vrindavan Garden and Forest Department on the banks of the dam. There is a temple of Path Baba and two rest houses on top of the hills.

It will be easy to reach soon: A canal service road has been made to reach the dam directly from the Melnadih-Ratanpur road.

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