Mum angry after taking a crowded train with her children: the trip cost her more than 200 euros, “my son was in the luggage rack”

Bee Rowlatt, a British mother, is furious. The Englishwoman was traveling from York to London with her children and fell into a crowded train: ” No seat anywhere, floors and hallways completely blocked and one of my children is in the luggage rack. This trip has
cost £182.94 (about 213 euros) “, she wrote on Twitter.

Grand Central Rail apologized for the “discomfort” in a message to Bee on Twitter. But the apologies weren’t enough for the mom. According to her, the crowds on the train did not ensure the safety of passengers: “ If there was an incident of any kind, how would these passengers safely evacuate a car or even the entire train? If someone needed help, how would they have done it? “.


The Briton has also been supported by many Internet users who consider Grand Central Rail’s apologies insufficient. According to them, Bee should be reimbursed: “ What a beautiful and sincere apology. Very moving “, quips one of them. ” I had to check if it was a real account. Which answer another commented.

As a reminder, the United Kingdom has been affected by numerous strikes by railway workers since the summer. A new wave of strikes was announced yesterday for the months of December and January.

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