Mujdat and Feliccia (Objective Rest of the World) still a couple? This photo says it all

It’s not all rosy at the moment on the side of some reality TV candidates … Indeed, Bastos has announced his final break with Victoria. After several months of ups and downs, things could not get better between the two influencers who finally chose to continue on their own path. If this couple has been talked about, other love stories of reality TV contestants have spilled much ink, like the one formed by Feliccia and Mujdat. We can no longer count the dramas, breaks and ruptures they have experienced.

Today, many Internet users are wondering where their love story is … It must be said that since their appearance in Objective Rest of the World, we did not see Feliccia and Mujdat on television. As for their social media presence, although they were very active, the two no longer posted snaps together. What to suggest a rupture? Well no ! Mujdat recently unveiled a tender snapshot with Feliccia and their two dogs, enough to prove that they are still in a relationship.

Internet users were also delighted to discover Feliccia and Mujdat together, as we have read in many comments: “Superb family”, “You are both too beautiful”, “Ah finally you are back together”, “You are beautiful to see” or “Mujdat, marry her!”. So, will the reality TV contestant take this advice? Mystery … In the meantime, a clue suggests that Marine El Himer is in a relationship with Sisika (JLC Family).

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