"Much too young…" : Annily transforms her little sister Maggy, the video which divides Internet users on TikTok

At 37, Alizée is the proud mother of two daughters. Annily, born in 2005, is the result of her relationship with singer Jérémy Chatelain and Maggy, born in 2020, is the result of her marriage to dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, met on the floor of the show “Dance with the stars” in 2013.

The happy blended family lives in Ajaccio (Corsica), the island of beauty where the singer is from. If she has decided to put her career in music on hold, Alizée is now at the head of her own dance school with her husband who is a professional in this art.

Alizée: her two daughters become the stars of TikTok
Despite their age difference, Annily and Maggy have a real bond and always appear having fun on social networks. A few hours ago, the eldest shared on her TikTok account, a new video in which she makes up her little sister of two and a half years.

Foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, highlighter, the 17-year-old girl didn’t forget any step of a complete beauty treatment on the little girl who showed incredible patience before posing with pride to reveal her luminous make-up.

Very quickly the video made the buzz on the social network and if the Internet users were numerous to salute the beauty and the very cute attitude of Maggy, others criticized the fact that Annily made up her little sister as well as her young age. “It’s not good at her age”, “The foundation was not mandatory”, “She is much too young to be made up”, “2 and a half years old and you put serious foundation on her”, “Sorry but I don’t like”, “Uh no, I don’t agree at all” can we for example read among the reactions.


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