MU: The Cristiano Ronaldo fiasco, he knew it from the start

Cristiano Ronaldo may show the desire to leave Manchester United, the Portuguese is not overwhelmed by offers in the transfer window.

It is even quite the opposite that is happening, and this must undoubtedly disturb Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite his desire to leave Manchester United, the Portuguese international does not have a single offer to sink his teeth into. Napoli and Sporting Portugal have timidly expressed their interest in Cristiano Ronaldo but a priori, these two clubs lack the standing to welcome the current Manchester United striker. As a reminder, CR7 wishes to leave the Red Devils due to the club’s non-qualification for the next edition of the Champions League. But by leaving for the clash with Manchester United, the ex-Real Madrid striker made a serious mistake according to Jamie Carragher, who is amused to see Cristiano Ronaldo struggling so much during this summer transfer window.

Cristiano Ronaldo, even Man United don’t want him anymore

“I always thought it was a weird signing. I always felt that this situation would happen, even though Ronaldo did some good things. No other club in Europe currently wants him. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t look like United can part with it. And if you ask ten Hag, I don’t think he wants it either. I’m not even sure the Manchester United dressing room wants Cristiano Ronaldo right now.” launched the consultant during the Overlap show. It now remains to be seen whether Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer window will settle during the month of August, when the Portuguese’s name had circulated at Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG or more recently at Atlético de Madrid, without however these clubs in question do not concretize this timid interest by an offer. Failing to find a new club, Cristiano Ronaldo will have to honor his final year of contract at Manchester United… without playing in the Champions League and exposing himself to the strong comeback of Lionel Messi in the scoring charts of this prestigious competition.

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