MTV Meow: in addition to Kevinho, more famous people detonate the award on social networks. Understand!

The MTV Miaw award, marked by the kiss between Bianca Andrade and Gkay, is being criticized by several artists on social media like Kevinho, Tata Estaniecki and Rízia Cerqueira. They detonated the organization of the eventwhich was recorded this Tuesday (26), in São Paulo.

According to Kevinho, the awards would be armed and without credibility. “Artists from our Brazil, don’t waste time going to this little award [MTV Miaw] armed that passed yesterday. I went only once and I already took theirs to never go again. I’m out,” said the singer in his stories on Instagram.

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Influencers were running for the award, but were not invited

Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta are presenters of the podcast PodDelas and were nominated in the Double Millions category. Nonetheless, the duo was not invited for the prize. “We weren’t invited. In fact, we only found out now that the event was today.”, Tata replied in a question box on Instagram.

Rízia Cerqueira also left off the guest list, the former BBB was nominated in the Black Star Rising category. “I was happy with my life, right? I was already thinking about the look… Then MTV Meow is happening and I wasn’t even invited”, she collapsed.

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Vittor Fernando was barred from the event

On twitter, Victor Fernandowhich is well known in the TikToksaid that was barred: “And the guy from the production of meow yesterday who made me and ana get out of the car in the greatest rudeness because he didn’t find our name on the list (ps I was nominated and invited by the biggest sponsor of the event) and made us walk all over the street in the greatest danger at night (we’re all set up kkk)”, said the influencer, the boy was nominated in the Meme Master category.

MC Soffia was ‘corner’ at the awards

Nominated in the Black Star Rising category by Bet, MC Soffia said that her ticket only gave the right to the floor, where the audience was standing. “Then the funny thing will be: ‘and the winner of the award is MC Soffia’ and I’ll say ‘give me a break, sorry, I need to get there on stage and the stage is there on the other side”.

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