‘Mrs. Marvel’ | Third episode brings the COSMIC side to the family nucleus


If you haven’t watched the first three episodes of Ms. Marvelavoid this article as it contains spoilers.

We are halfway through the series and the production level is still very high. Keeping the feel of a teenage series, the third chapter makes greater connections with the MCUgiving direction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this Phase Four, and blending the familiar plot of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) with the cosmic grandeur of Ms. Marvel. The cultural issue is still strong too, which is a very cool point of the series.

The episode starts with the big easter egg of the week and perhaps the series itself. As we speak in the matter of expectations for the seriesthe post-credits scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings brings the captain marvel (Brie Larson) involved in the analysis of Chinese hero artifacts, in addition to reaching the conclusion that the “rings” are cosmic and millenary. Right at the opening of the third episode, the djinn are in the 40s, when they find Kamala Khan’s bracelet attached to the arm of a Kree, an alien race that lied and kidnapped Carol Denvers in the 1990s. Under the rubble and the Kree corpse, you can see the Ten Rings logo. please note that Xu Wenwu (Tony Leung) – The true Mandarin – already commanded the organization, so it is possible that we will see this connection of the Ten Rings later on. And since Danvers was involved in the investigation of Shang-Chi’s “rings”, it seems that more and more the meeting of Kamala Khan with your favorite superheroine in the sequel to the Captain’s movie.

About the Djinn, the family members of our protagonist’s crush explain that they are from an interdimensional race called the Djinn, whose presence on Earth came from a banishment made a century ago, trapping the group there. They say that Kamala is one of them, which explains her inherent power. The group’s matriarch also says they need her to wear the bracelet so they can return to Noor, her homeland.

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The leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, has already appeared in the MCU in a mind-blowing cameo.

In the comics, the origin of the character is linked to the inhumans. However, as it has been said that the Djinn are called by various names, a connection with the Inhumans cannot be ruled out once and for all. On the other hand, the Djinn in the series also call themselves “Clandestines”. This group made their comic book debut X-Men there in the 90’s.

As the group believes Kamala is the key for them to open the portal back home, they ask her to help them. Afraid, Kamala asks her best friend for help, who says he has read in a study of the Dr. selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) something about it, and that it would be dangerous for the girl to mess with so much energy. Selvig has been studying interdimensional events in the MCU since 2011, in the first Thor. He is a reference on the subject, and this serves as a reason for Kamala to ask for time to think, thus revealing the villainous nature of the Djinn.

This talk about the energy needed to open an interdimensional portal being equivalent to that of a sun also ends up coming to value another recently introduced superhero in the MCU, the young America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), whose power is precisely to open interdimensional portals with the energy that emanates from his own body. That is, it has practically a power greater than that of a sun within itself.

As I said at the beginning, this episode is immersed in the cultural appreciation of the main character and her family. From the reference to the horrors of the English invasion to the current situation of immigrants and their descendants in the USA. This is shown at various points, from the moment nakia confronts the invasion of Damage Control Department to the Mosque, asking for respect and for the department to follow the rules for the Muslim community as well. Finally, the heaviest moment of the episode is when Kamala talks to her mother about the uncertainties and the matriarch reveals the difficulties she suffered when she moved to the US.

After the conversation, Kamala comes to the dilemma of every great hero and ends up being guided precisely by her religious leader, who tells her that being good or bad doesn’t matter, but what you do. This phrase came straight from the Ms. Marvel. She also opens a gift she got from Bruno and comes across the mask of her future hero costume.

There is also no way to talk about culture without entering the sequence of the wedding, which brings a beautiful ceremony following the traditions, with the right to dances, rituals and typical costumes. In addition to all the Pakistani tradition, they play with the local culture of New Jersey and promote a sequel to the sound of the “prince” of the region, Jon Bon Jovi. the classic Livin’ On a Prayer packs a duel between Kamala and the Djinn. The protagonist finally uses her energy to replicate her powers from the comics and projects a giant elastic hand that beats down on enemies, who even ending up trapped must return to make the girl’s life hell.

Oh yeah, since we’re talking about easter eggs, the creator of Ms. marvel in comics, Sana Amanatmakes a cameo as Tia Sana.

Anyway, the episode ends with Kamala being blamed for the wedding disaster and getting a call from her grandmother for her and her mother to travel directly to Karachi, Pakistan, where she will likely explain more about her family’s origins and powers, which is enough to make fans eager for the next episode.

The new episodes of Ms. Marvel debut every Wednesday at Disney+.

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