Mr Pokora and his furious companion: the strange photo he has just posted on his Instagram account … the singer hacked?

Almost 20 years ago, Matt Pokora won the third edition of Popstars with his colleagues Otis and Lionel to form the group Linkup. Already in an RNB register, the young man shows off his first looks and shows the whole of France his talent as a showman. Having grown up between the end of the 80s and the 90s, the one who still calls himself Matthieu Tota dreams of following the path of his illustrious elders whom he admires like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake or the Backstreet Boys. No wonder then that years later, he passed the ring on to an RNB singer. The singer is indeed enjoying happy days alongside Christina Milian, author and performer of certain titles in the 2000s and actress in her spare time in certain successful series of the decade. It was in August 2017, in a club in the famous Var city that the two artists exchanged their first glance. And between these two, love at first sight was immediate. Since then, the couple has been followed by many paparazzi …

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Matt Pokora posts a funny photo on Instagram

If the celebrity magazines list many photos of the couple taken without their real consent, Matt Pokora has a habit of posting his own photos on social networks. However, Tuesday January 11 the former winner of Popstars surprised his Instagram subscribers by posting something unusual. In this post, the young dad and his companion seem to come out of a restaurant and the snapshot is visibly captured by a photographer waiting for them. The couple is also a funny face, both displaying a very closed face. A detail that has not escaped Internet users. “You don’t look serene in the photo “,” Not very happy… we follow them everywhere a little PEACE would make them happy“, noted some of the subscribers of Mr. Pokora.

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