MP Sports News Anuradha Aman Riya and Nisha set accurate targets in archery

MP Sports News: Bhopal (Navdunia Pratinidhi). Anuradha Singh, Aman Singh, Riya Singh and Nisha Verma won the gold medal in the district level archery competition organized in the capital under the aegis of District Archery Association. In this competition, matches were played in compound section, recurve section and Indian round category. In which the players of the capital participated with full enthusiasm.

In this competition organized at St. Xavier’s School, Barkheda, the competitions of compound, recurve and Indian round were organized. First of all the competition of compound section of women was held. In this, Anuradha Ahirwar got the first position while performing brilliantly. Sabiha Zaidi got second position, Lakshita got third position and Bhumika Chauhan got fourth position. In the men’s section of the compound round, Aman Singh Pawar performed brilliantly and secured the first position. Ketan Sharma got second position, Vaibhav Rakesh got third position and Ayush Deshmukh got fourth position. In the recurve women’s section, Riya Singh got the first and Ishwari Markam got the second position. Similarly, in the Indian round, Nisha Verma got first, Isha Ashwin second and Poonam Kahar got third place. Bhopal District Archery Association secretary and Madhya Pradesh Archery Association co-secretary Pramod Kumar informed that Bhopal district team will be selected on the basis of this competition. Bhopal district team will be announced soon. This team will participate in the state level competition organized in Jabalpur. Madhya Pradesh team will be selected on the basis of state level competition to be held in Jabalpur. Which will participate in the national competition organized in Tata Nagar.

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