Moving tributes on the networks for the eighth anniversary of the death of Ricardo Fort

Ricardo Fort He passed away eight years ago, on November 25, 2013, and his entire family, friends, and fans have missed him terribly since the day he left this world. Yes OK “Commander“He left us his best memes, phrases and moments to remember him with joy, many decided to honor him on this sad date.

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Businessman chocolatier passed away at age 45 in the Sanatorio de La Trinidad de Palermo, due to a generalized sepsis that ended in cardio-respiratory arrest after being hospitalized for several days. However, Fort felt constant pain throughout his body for months, which is why several times had assured that “I was going to leave this young world“.

Thanks to his charisma and personality in front of and behind the camera, “Commander“He accumulated thousands of fans and followers, who even after his death continue to admire and celebrate him. That is why eight years after his unexpected death, many fans paid tribute to him through the networks.


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