Moving to Germany from the table: Heidi Klum will not be a Berliner

Moving to Germany from the table
Heidi Klum will not become a Berliner

Finding a place to stay in Berlin is anything but easy – apparently even for Heidi Klum. A move with husband Tom Kaulitz fails because of the right offer. Instead, the family built “something nice” in New York, reveals the model and at the same time gives tips for a harmonious married life.

Last year, Heidi Klum and her family spent a lot of time in Berlin, where the all-rounder was in front of the camera for the 16th season of “GNTM”. At that time there were also rumors that the 48-year-old could move to the German capital with her family. “We actually played with the idea,” she now admits in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”. However, they “didn’t see a house where we thought, that’s it, we’ll take it”. Instead, the family in New York “built something nice, it’s finally finished after three years”.

So soon she’ll be able to dance around her new property. And she probably will, because as she goes on to say in an interview with the Sunday newspaper, dancing is one of her great passions – preferably with her husband Tom Kaulitz. “I just love to dance, and preferably barefoot,” says the all-rounder. You can “dance really everywhere”, whether in the kitchen while cooking or in the bathroom while brushing your teeth. At home they “actually always have music”. “I can really recommend dancing in marriage,” says Heidi Klum. “It’s really good for us. It’s just a nice feeling.”

party queen? Heidi goes to bed at ten

Heidi likes to dance and sing at home, but apparently she’s not the big party queen. “Parties were […] never really my thing, and when I did, I was like Cinderella: back in my bed at midnight and worked through my to-do lists,” she says. It’s still like that “today”. her children: “I always have to get up at six because of my little ones. Therefore: I usually say goodbye to bed at ten. Sometimes earlier.”

How Heidi Klum sings can now also be heard on “Chai Tea With Heidi”, the new title song of the 17th season of “Germany’s next top model”, a collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg. The idea of ​​the duet came from Klum himself. “I then gathered all my courage and called him directly,” she says. She knew him “from one or the other party in Los Angeles”.

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