Moving in summer: is it really the best time to move?

A move is an important moment in life. Especially since precisely, we do not always choose… the moment. Because a move often goes hand in hand with another upheaval. A birth, a divorce or a transfer. So how do you avoid the blues? This is one of the questions about the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform. While the moving season is in full swing!

In the time of our parents — or that of our grandparents — it was customary to live in the same house throughout one’s life. But things have changed. During their lifetime, a French person will change accommodation more than 4 times on average. Each year, no less than three million French people pack their boxes, 10% of households move. And half of these removals take place between June and September.

The question therefore concerns almost all of us at one time or another in our lives. For the better, but also sometimes for the worse. So all experiences are good to take. Those that are being shared right now on the EDF Pulse & You co-ideation platform, are good examples. They remind us how important it is to choose the right mover.

It’s your turn :

  1. Share your moving experiences with us here, whether good or bad. For this, it suffices to create an account on the EDF Pulse & You platform.
  2. Express your expectations, too. Anything that would make your move easier.
  3. Win prizes : a wonderbox to share comfort in a restaurant with friends, a Magnusson 119-piece tool case or one level laser optical BOSCH Quigo, so that all your shelves are straight in a few minutes!

And in the midst of a move, it’s not always easy. It is therefore better to do so in advance. Movers are often well taken. They sometimes take advantage of this to drive up prices. They may also be less willing to listen to your particular grievances, stressed and tired than they are by the workload they have to carry out in a few months. From this point of view, summer is not the right time to move. So if your personal constraints allow it, do not hesitate to shift tofall — this is where the least moves are made — or even at thewinter or in the spring.

If possible, choose the right time

Especially since moving to “bass season » will save money. From mid-September to mid-December. Or at the beginning of the year. Until March. Movers, in particular, then offer more attractive rates. But beware, the school holiday periods are always busier than the others. Because those who have children of course prefer to move outside of school hours. Organizational issue.

This is obviously why the summer holidays are so conducive to moving. Because in addition to allowing children to start the school year in a new school, they allow parents to move more serenely. To take the time of their holidays to settle everything. The problem is that in summer it can sometimes be very hot. And that friends and family are not always the most available to lend a hand. We can not have everything.

Beyond these calendar considerations, the impact of the economic situation should not be overlooked. Housing crisis, rising interest rates, new down payment requirements. The lights are not necessarily green right now. So if your move is more a desire than a necessity, maybe he wants to temporize better. In order not to add a stress additional.

Because let’s not forget that moving is turning a page. A real break. Even when the reason for moving is positive. It’s not always the right time. To live well with a move, psychologists advise — especially to those who feel the most nostalgic or the most anxious in the face of the unknown — to quickly get down to decorationof his new home. To find visual cues thanks to a few photos, for example. Which will remind you that your memories have followed you well. Psychologists also suggest recreating lifestyle habits. And finally, to recreate the link, too. With neighbors or traders. The paperwork — or at least the less urgent — will wait…

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What you must remember

  • The co-ideation campaign A move that goes well for you, what is it?» is online on the EDF Pulse & You platform.
  • Share your experiences, good or bad.
  • Express your expectations, too. Anything that would make your move easier.
  • You have until September 14 to join those who have already told their story and try to win some gifts that will help you better live your next move.

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