Movies with Ornella Muti: The best of the Italian actress

Ornella Muti can look back on a long vita and some interesting films. We present you the best works of the Italian actress.

Ornella Muti was born in Rome in 1955 and, like the legendary Sophia Loren, began her career as a model. Initially booked for the roles of naive girls, the Italian attracted attention with her natural beauty, which she knew how to use confidently and open-heartedly from an early age. At the side of Italian icon Adriano Celentano, the actress finally experienced a surge in popularity at the beginning of the 80s, which not only made her better known in her European homeland, but also made Hollywood sit up and take notice. Since Ornella Muti has some very interesting works, we would like to present her most outstanding films here.

“Law and Passion” (1970)

Francesca (Ornella Muti) fights against the marriage. (© Donau Film / AL!VE)

When mafia boss Antonino Stella (Amerigo Tot) is arrested, he gives his potential successor Vito Juvara (Alessio Orano) one piece of advice: he should marry a young woman from a precarious background. With 15-year-old Francesca (Ornella Muti), he quickly made his choice, but she is more stubborn than expected. Muti makes her film debut in the gripping social drama.

“A Summer of Tenderness” (1971)

The couple is not in danger yet. (© Donau Film / AL!VE)

Lisa’s (Ornella Muti) father follows with eagle eyes how his daughter falls in love with the hippie Robert (Alessio Orano). In order to escape their parents’ moral preaching, the couple makes their way to the family beach house. During a sailing trip, the two end up on a lonely island. But they are not alone there – two hunters are already there. As a young girl, Muti is also convincing in this dramatic romance.

“The Nun of Verona” (1973)

The nuns indulge in the lusts of the flesh. (© VZ trading company)

In 1577, a merciless power struggle raged in a monastery near Verona. Between greed and sexual desire, nuns Giulia (Anne Heywood), Lavinia (Maria Cumani Quasimodo) and Carmela (Claudia Gravy) fight for leadership of the convent. When the bishop learns of the dispute, the Inquisition beckons. In the scandalous film by Domenico Paolella, Muti shines as Sister Isabella.

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Flash Gordon (1980)

Can Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones) save the world? (© Studio Canal)

The evil emperor Ming (Max von Sydow) sees his power threatened by the earth and wants to destroy it. This brings football player and superhero Flash Gordon (Sam J. Jones) to the scene, who is dating scientist Dr. Zarkov (Topol) travels to the planet Mongo to stop the villain. In the cult comic adaptation, Muti can be seen as Ming’s seductive daughter Aura, who uses all her means to charm the superhero.

“The Tamed Shrewd” (1980)

Lisa Silvestri (Ornella Muti) is after Ella Codogno (Adriano Celentano). (© Koch Media)

Ella Codogno (Adriano Celentano) is a staunch single and successfully keeps away all the women his housekeeper Mamie (Edith Peters) wants to set him up with. But when at some point the young Lisa Silvestri (Ornella Muti) enters his life, who absolutely wants to get him around, he has to bring out other guns. In their first film together, the two stars prove that the chemistry in front of the camera is right.

“Give the Monkey Sugar” (1981)

The bus driver and the princess ended up in bed. (© Carol Media)

A state visit takes Princess Cristina (Ornella Muti) to Rome. In order to take part in normal life and mingle with the people, she gets on a bus. Bus driver Barnaba (Adriano Celentano) falls in love with the aristocratic beauty and asks for her hand in marriage – much to the displeasure of Cristina’s father. In the cult romantic comedy, the duo shines again with their very own screen presence.

“A Love of Swann” (1984)

The mismatched couple is still in love. (© Arthouse)

In 1885 Paris, playboy Charles Swann (Jeremy Irons) jeopardizes his reputation when he falls in love with courtesan Odette (Ornella Muti) and what turns a casual affair into a serious bond. But Swann’s extreme jealousy and possessiveness put the relationship in jeopardy. In Volker Schlöndorff’s dramatic love film, Muti undoubtedly demonstrates qualities as a character actress.

“Everybody Dies – The Unscarred” (1999)

The meeting also brings out jealousy. (© Best Entertainment)

20 years after graduating, a group of four students come together for a meeting in Berlin. What begins as a warm reunion turns into disaster when a death occurs that stirs up repressed memories and reopens old wounds. In the driving thriller, Muti embodies the character of Rafaella Storraro. Muti’s daughter Naike Rivelli plays the character at a young age.

Doc West: Nobody’s Back (2009)

Doc West (Terence Hill) also lets his fists do the talking. (© NewKSM)

Gunslinger Doc West (Terence Hill) rescues young Silver (Benjamin Petry) from a snakebite and accompanies him to his hometown. However, a poker game puts the gunslinger in prison. Confronted with his past, he must make a decision: will he side with the outlaws or with the commoners? In the spaghetti western, Muti can be seen as Debra Downing.

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