Moviegoer Court debates: ‘Round 6’, the most watched series in Netflix history!

We gather here in this virtual precinct of the STC (Superior Cinephile Court) for the decisions of lovers of the 7th art interested in Cinephile Process #19:”Round 6” in the Pop virtual court, given by the excellent judges of film lovers Rafa Gomes and Rapha Camacho.

The production, available at Netflix, in debate this week had a season (so far) of 9 intense and electrifying episodes.

Synopsis: A group of people experiencing financial difficulties accept a strange invitation to a survival game. A billionaire prize awaits them, but the stakes are high and deadly.

To debate the arguments about this work from the universe of series, here is the presentation of the distinguished guests:

Enjoy watching:

Julia Rigoud, Psychologist graduated three years ago and post-graduated in psychopedagogy. During her training, she looked for work that related psychology to films, since since she was a little girl, cinema has always been her greatest passion.

Renata Haas Graduated in Cinema at AIC, with an experimental short. Today, he is professionalizing himself in script by Roteiraria.

Send messages throughout this program which we will display whenever possible. The Cinephile Court #19, takes place this 4th, 17th of November, 20:15 hrs, live on Cinepop’s Youtube and Facebook. Link to watch:

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