Movie buff challenge: find out what the movie is based on these images


At Spoiler we are entertaining people and that is why we want to share that characteristic with our readers through this movie buff challenge. To play!

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We know that if you are part of the community of spoilers you are a true movie lover and surely you would like to test your knowledge on the subject. That is why we challenge you to guess the movies that appear in the images that accompany this note. We are talking about unforgettable classics that an expert like you will not miss.

The tracks include A-list actors from within the Hollywood film industry in roles that helped define their careers and catapulted them into world-class figures. They are all very well known, but can you guess which movies we chose for this challenge? It is not enough to recognize the interpreter. spoilers it demands a little more for you to consider yourself a connoisseur.

An entertaining game if you love movies

We have previously presented different challenges for our community and we always select classic films that the vast majority of the public knew how to enjoy and are sufficiently “iconic” enough for a single image to activate the memory with an unequivocal outcome: the memory of that story that aroused different emotions in you.

Cheer up to participate in this game! After all, cinema is our passion, there’s a reason you enjoy the contents of spoilers regarding the Hollywood film industry and the different categories that we propose in our content that seeks to satisfy your desire to learn a little more about the seventh art every day. You won’t regret it if you spend a few minutes looking at these photos to discover the name of the movie that is there “hidden”.

The truth is that there are titles for which there is no stipulated age because they belong to all of us as a result of the success they achieved and how they positioned themselves in the popular imagination of film fans. There are clear examples like Return to the future either The Godfather, tapes that really moved entire generations. The films that we hid in these images correspond to that description. Dare yourself!

+The images

+The solutions

You already had the opportunity to see the five images that correspond to their respective films. Did you find out what titles each of them is about? You can spend a moment on it before you go ahead with it. scroll and discover the answers to this fun challenge that we proposed to you from spoilers with the intention that you test your knowledge in the seventh art. Luck!

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