Movie based on macabre real crime becomes phenomenon on Netflix

The Italian film Yara is a huge hit with Netflix subscribers, mainly because it tells directly and devastatingly the story of a macabre crime in real life. The feature also stands out among the international audience, reaching the Top 10 in several countries. The website We Got This Covered revealed more details about Yara’s plot and the film’s audience; see below.

Yara is an original Italian production by Netflix, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana from a screenplay by Graziano Diana. The film features Isabella Ragonese, Alessio Boni and Roberto Zibetti in the lead roles.

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The feature hit Netflix’s international catalog on November 5th, and it didn’t take long to win fans all over the world.

Yara’s true story took place in Italy in 2010. The crime shocked the country, and led to changes in the way Italian courts analyze DNA evidence.

Yara’s Success on Netflix

In the entertainment industry, there are many examples of successful films based on true stories. From novels to true crime, across genres, fans love to know that there is a genuine aspect to the stories told.

“Watching events or experiences that actually happened through the lens of these stories is an interesting experience,” says the website We Got This Covered.

The site claims that this large dose of reality is primarily responsible for Yara’s success on Netflix, as the Italian drama follows the story of a real-life crime.

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“The murder of 13-year-old Yara Gambirasio scares the town of Brembate di Sopra. To bring the culprit to justice, the prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri has DNA evidence as her only clues”, states the official synopsis of the film.

Gambirasio’s story is heartbreaking, and it shocked all who knew the girl. The gymnast was murdered after a visit to the gym. The case took time to be resolved, but due to DNA evidence, the person responsible was found and sent to jail.

According to the website FlixPatrol, consulted by We Got This Covered, Yara is in the Top 10 of several countries, and was considered the most popular international film on the platform in November.

“Yara is a social drama, which leaves us with a lot of questions about each person’s role in society, and how we can improve not only for ourselves, but for future generations as well,” says the Leisure Byte reviewer about the long Italian.

Although he was successful with the specialized critics, Yara divided the opinion of the public. In ratings by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, the feature only secured 42% approval.

Yara is available on Netflix.

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