Moushumi Chatterjee Reveals Director And Film Maker Used To Lock Her In Room During Shooting

Moushumi Chatterjee had told in an interview that she was kept locked in the room on the set. They were also punished to stand by holding their ears.

Bollywood’s famous actress Moushumi Chatterjee won the hearts of people with her acting in Hindi cinema. She made her debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Balika Vadhu’ in 1967 and the actress was in fifth grade at the time of its shooting. While the initial days of shooting were very special for the actress, later the actress was kept locked in the room. Not only this, many times the actress was also punished for standing by holding her ears. This was disclosed by Moushumi Chatterjee himself in ‘Baatein Kahi Ankahi’.

Talking about the experience of shooting for ‘Balika Vadhu’, Moushumi Chatterjee had said, “I was punished for standing by my ears on the sets. For the first two days of shooting, I got a lot of emotion, but on the third day I started feeling that he would make a braid every day and put it on his face. I didn’t get time to play.”

Moushumi Chatterjee further told in the interview, “I started remembering everything, due to which I used to leave the set and run away. In those days the theater had a glass room. As I ran away, I was kept locked there. Whoever came to pick me up at the time of the shot was first beaten up. In fact, I used to bully a lot.”

Moushumi Chatterjee had further said about her mischief, “I used to wear nostrils for shooting, which I used to take off and throw away. Seeing these antics of mine, the director had also said that take 200 nostrils, if you throw it then you keep putting it. In an interview to Prof Kerala, Moushumi Chatterjee had told that she had never taken her career seriously.

Moushumi Chatterjee had to say about this, “I never took my career seriously. That’s why I will always be grateful to the film industry. All my colleagues, be it directors, producers or actors, they were all very kind to me and they always offered me films.”

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