Mourn for "Full House"-Star: Bob Saget’s colleague "devastated"

All of a sudden, Bob Saget is found dead in a hotel room in Florida. The comedian, best known for his role in “Full House”, only lived to be 65 years old. Many companions are now saying goodbye to the “wonderful guy”.

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He was considered America’s TV dad par excellence: “Full House” star Bob Saget died unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 65. After appearing in a comedy, Saget was found dead in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida. The cause of death is not known, but according to the police, external influences or drugs seem unlikely.

Several stars bow publicly in front of the actor. Above all, the 35-year-old Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley mourn the loss of their serial father from the cult sitcom “Full House”.

“Bob was a very loving, compassionate and generous person. We are deeply saddened that he is no longer with us, but we know that he will continue to be by our side and guide us as gracefully as he always has” , Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen announced, according to People. The twins, born in 1986, shared the role of Michelle Tanner in “Full House” from 1987 to 1995 – so they grew up with Bob Saget as their serial father, Danny Tanner.

“My heart is broken”

Another “Full House” colleague spoke up with John Stamos. “I’m finished. I’m devastated. I’m in shock. I’ll never have a boyfriend like him again. I love you so much, Bobby,” the actor wrote on Twitter. Stamos played Jesse in the sitcom Saget’s brother-in-law.

Candace Bure also said goodbye to her serial father on social media. “I don’t know what to say. Words fail me. Bob was one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I loved him so much,” wrote the actress on Twitter.

The 45-year-old also shared some pictures on Instagram in which she can be seen us Saget filming “Fuller House”. “I love you sooooo much,” wrote Bure about the auditions. “I don’t want to say goodbye. 35 years wasn’t enough.”

Dave Coulier, who played Danny’s pal Joey in “Full House”, wrote on Twitter: “My heart is broken. I love you, Bob. Your brother forever, Dave.”

Not only Saget’s colleagues from “Full House” spoke up after his death, but also comedians, in whose lives he had obviously left traces. Jim Carrey, for example, posted a photo together with Saget on Twitter. The superstar wrote: “The wonderful Bob Saget passed away today at the age of 65. He had a big, big heart and a wonderfully weird sense of humor. He gave the world a lot of joy and lived his life for the sake of good.”

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Hollywood star Russell Crow was also sad on social media. “Bob Saget. A good buddy, a good conversationalist. Friendly, funny, generous. Rest in peace,” said the “Gladiator” star goodbye.

The young colleague Pete Davidson seemed to have a special relationship with Saget. The “Saturday Night Live” star, who is not on social media himself, made a longer statement on Twitter. Davidson, who is open about his mental and physical illnesses, wrote: “When I was younger, several times in the course of our friendship he helped me overcome some serious mental health problems.”

According to this, Saget phoned Davidson’s mother for “hours” and tried “to help me in every possible way – he put us in touch with doctors and with new things that we could try”. “He always checked on me and made sure I was fine,” said Davidson of “one of the nicest people in the world.”

US comedian Jon Stewart, who hosted “The Daily Show” from 1999 to 2015, also commented on Bob Saget’s death via Twitter. This was “simply the funniest and nicest”, he wrote shortly.

“Sail on, my friend Bob Saget. With your big heart and your utter madness,” wrote Whoopi Goldberg on Twitter. The actress and presenter sent her condolences to Saget’s daughters.

Life could “sucks in a moment,” wrote “Robin Hood” actor Richard Lewis about Saget’s death. “My heart aches for his whole family. In an often ruthless business, he was historically not only hilarious, but above all one of the nicest people I have ever met in my career.”

Words are still lacking for “How I Met Your Mother” maker Craig Thomas. He “doesn’t even know what to say about Bob Saget,” wrote the TV writer. Saget was the narrator on the cult series. “I loved him and was very fortunate to work with someone so funny, soulful, and kind. His role on ‘HIMYM’ was a voice in the future, looking back at the complexities of life with a smile and all I will always remember him. “

US actress Kat Dennings, who played one of the leading roles in the series “2 Broke Girls”, also spoke up on Twitter. “I just can’t believe it. What a wonderful guy. He always did everything to make me comfortable and talked incessantly about his children. Such a loss,” wrote the 35-year-old, who was once in the Series “Raising Dad” had played Saget’s daughter.

Comedian Kathy Griffin is also “shocked and devastated”. There was no one who had a “nicer or sharper joke” than Bob Saget, wrote the 61-year-old.

She then posted some pictures and videos of the deceased, on which he sang a song by the US singer Lizzo while smoking a cigar.

Bob Saget played the role of the widower Danny Tanner in the hit series “Full House” in the 1980s and 1990s and in the remake “Fuller House” from 2016 to 2020, who overwhelmed everyday family life with his three daughters after the accidental death of his wife is. He also had three children in real life. He also leaves the journalist Kelly Rizzo, with whom he was married for the second time since 2018.

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