Mountain, great landslide on the Ortles: "Instability caused by melting glaciers"

Rome, 23 July 2022 – Mountains increasingly fragile in this summer of hot record. And this time the last collapse on the Alps in this season conditioned by the effects of climate changewhich has the strong melting of glaciers as a contributing factor, occurred on theOrtlesa giant of over 3,900 meters between Trentino and Alto Adige.

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The heat of the last few days and the thunderstorm this morning caused a great landslide which, from the Ortels, has gone down to Tre Fontane localityobstructing part of the bed of the Rio Trafoi, in South Tyrol. The casting – according to what has been learned – was caused bymelt water from the glacier and rainfall. The course of the stream has been diverted. There were no injuries or damage to structures in the area.

Image of the large landslide on Ortles del Rescue Alpino Trafoi (Ansa)
Image of the large landslide on the Ortles del Rescue Alpine Trafoi (Ansa)

“The storm set in motion a scree probably made unstable by meltwater from the glacier. This is nothing to worry about: a similar thing had already happened in 2014. The situation is anyway monitored “explained the director of the Southern Mountain Basin Settlement Office of the Province of Bolzano, Fabio De Polo. Three weeks after the Marmolada disaster, the situation on the glacier it is monitored by the volunteer firefighters, the Alpine Rescue and the Mountain Basin Service of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

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