Motivation barometer: vaccination pass, self-tests, well-being … give your opinion

The Motivation Barometer is a tool launched by researchers from several universities, French-speaking and Flemish (UCLouvain, ULB, UGent, KU Leuven). It is used to measure the motivation of Belgians in the context of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. The tool is reliable, in particular thanks to the large number of people who answer the questionnaires. This is the case with Sudinfo readers, who have been loyal for a long time. We are already at the 39th report of this Barometer.

Burning questions

“We are targeting the latest Barometer on current issues”, explains Olivier Luminet, one of the researchers at UC Louvain. “Like the vaccine pass. It’s a hot topic at the moment. We want to see in particular the attitude of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in relation to this vaccination pass. Because we are starting to see that vaccinated people are also asking questions about him. “

Another point of attention of researchers: well-being. “There are already some signs of degradation, among others among young people aged 18 to 25,” continues Mr. Luminet. “You have to be careful of that. The recommendations we made have still not been put into practice. Perhaps this is due to the sprinkling of skills. “

And then there is the question of trust (or not) in politicians and experts. Regarding policies, it continues to deteriorate and the disastrous Codeco episode a little before Christmas risks reducing it even further.


Another very present topic in the news: self-tests, about which we talk a lot because of the start of the school year. “It’s also a new theme,” says Olivier Luminet. “The measure is simple, but it comes at a certain cost. “Hence the interest in asking the Belgians for their opinion.

The questionnaire will be online on the Sudinfo website until Friday evening. Our readers will be getting a sneak peek at the results next week. During the last Motivation Barometer, among the thousands of respondents, 45% were Francophones. The sample is therefore representative of the population of the whole country.

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