“Mother”: when will it end and what will happen in the last chapters

Turkish soap operaMother” is in the final chapters, through the Latina signal. The production starring Cansu Dere (Zynep), Beren Gökyıldız (Melek) and Berkay Ateş (Cengiz Yıldız) has captivated the audience with its interesting plot, which promises a spectacular ending. Do you know what will happen?

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“Mother” narrates the life of Melek Akçay, a girl who is mistreated not only by her mother, but by her new partner, who, when they get tired of her, put her in a bag and leave her in the dump, being rescued by her teacher Zeynep.

The soap opera Anne, in its original language, premiered on October 25, 2016 in Turkey and jumped to several countries breaking audience records. Know all about the soon end.

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The Turkish soap opera “Madre”, “Anne” in its original language, is nearing its end in Peru, after having achieved good public acceptance. This is how Latina has been announcing it, in its recent production previews, but it still does not mention an exact date. The soap opera, starring Cansu Dere, Beren Gökyıldız and Berkay Ateş as Cengiz Yıldız, airs from Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m.


Here’s a preview of what’s to come in the latest episodes of “Madre,” which is broadcast on Latina television.

Zeynep discovers a hard secret

Zeynep will discover a terrible secret about her past, since she was the real person responsible for her father’s death while trying to protect her mother from constant abuse. Gonul tells her that she decided to go to jail instead of her daughter Zeynep, as an act of love.

Dear character dies

One of the most beloved characters dies and promises “Mother” promises to change everything. While everyone suffers, Cengiz expresses happiness and feels that life is smiling at him, because he feels that Zeynep’s inheritance is approaching and her sisters are heartbroken and must be nurtured by the news.

Zeynep, played by Cansu Dere, in a scene in “Mother”(Photo: MedYapım/MF Yapım)

alliance proposal

Zeynep asks Sule to join her against her husband Cengiz, who mistreats her and her children. She tells him that this wicked man only cuts off her wings, while the woman looks at her nervously.

blocked accounts

Cengiz, in his capacity as Melek’s legal guardian, goes to the bank to withdraw, but leaves empty-handed because the account is blocked by court order. Zeynep and her sisters have contested the will after the girl assured them that she did not want her inheritance.

Sule loyal to her husband

The photographer tries to convince Sule to sign the documents in which she gives up her children: “Do it for them. When your husband knows that he will not touch the money he will not want to hear from you, or worse, he will take revenge. If you want a life without him, my sisters and I will help you.”. Sule tells her that he will never betray the man she loves. Will he change his mind?

Melek takes a beating

Cengiz hits Melek for rejecting the inheritance. The girl faints and he runs away when Sule arrives. The woman asks Zeynep for help. She arrives and they go to the hospital. Cengiz laments her fate at a bar.


  • Cansu Dere as Zeynep Güneş.
  • Vahide Perçin as Gönül Aslan.
  • Beren Gökyıldız as Melek Akçay/Turna Güneş.
  • Serhat Teoman as Sinan Demir.
  • Gonca Vuslateri as Şule Akçay.
  • Berkay Ateş as Cengiz Yıldız.
  • Gülenay Kalkan as Cahide Güneş.
  • Can Nergis as Ali Arhan.
  • Şükrü Türen as Arif.
  • Alize Gördüm as Gamze Güneş.
  • Ahsen Eroğlu as Duru Güneş.
  • Umut Yiğit Vanlı as Sarp.
  • Onur Dikmen as Rifat.
  • Erdi Bolat as Ramo.
  • Ali Sureyya as Mert.
  • Meral Çetinkaya as Mrs. Zeynep Aslan.
  • Tayfun Sav as Necmi.
  • Zuhal Gencer Erkaya as Saniye Yıldız.
  • Arzu Oruç as Dilara.
  • Ayşegül İşsever as Serap
  • Şafak Başkaya as Tahir.
  • Leyla Okay as Aysel
  • Ahmet Kaynak as Selim.
  • Berat Korkmaz Atilgan / Mehmet Meltem Atilgan as Hasan Yıldız.

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